Why do planners charge a percentage of the budget?

“Why do you charge a percentage of the budget when planning a wedding is the same thing regardless of what I spend?” In all honesty none of my clients have ever asked me that, but I’ve seen this question countless times in Facebook groups for couples looking for...
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Simple solutions to help introverts plan a joyful wedding

Over the last 4 years I have taken multiple tests to help me better understand how to be my truest self. The aim was to try and better align myself to couples – clients who have similarities with me, because I’m a huge believer that if there is affinity, it’s so much...
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Workshop announcement: how to become a destination wedding planner

I often receive direct messages and emails from new or aspiring destination wedding planners asking me advice on how to plan destination weddings or how to get into international work. For a couple of years now I have shared my knowledge freely, and so recently I...
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My rebrand journey as Elisabetta White

Officially my first post on my new blog. I call it new, but it isn't really... The blog was first (once upon a time it was called "Linen and Silk Weddings"). Then came the website and a refreshed brand identity with a new business name - Elisabetta White • Intimately...

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Linen and Silk Weddings is changing

It has taken way, way, way longer than I ever expected, but I feel the time has come to talk about some of my forthcoming business changes. When I started Linen and Silk Weddings I had no idea of where it would take me (seriously, no idea! Just read this post I wrote...

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The joys of being a wedding planner

As a wedding planner you live a couple's wedding day with incredibly deep, positive intensity. You can never quite take for granted the level of trust couples put in us to help them plan and deliver calmness and order on the most important day of their lives. On a...

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FEATURED | Linen and Silk Weddings on Y&YW July/August 2015

Very excited to see some of our work featured on You & Your Wedding (July/August 2015) magazine and being listed as one of Y&YW contributors! Huge thanks to the whole team that worked with me to create this beautiful "modern vintage" wedding inspiration and to...

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