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If an intimate destination wedding surrounded by natural beauty and effortless sophistication is what you’re looking for, you've landed in the right place.

As a team, Elisabetta White thrive on guiding and supporting busy couples in ensuring your wedding is injected with that flair that is quintessentially you.

Expect a wedding planning experience that feels collaborative and calm. One that will lead to that timelessly elegant wedding you're dreaming of in a breathtaking corner of the world. Without clichés. 

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We specialise in international, intimate weddings, across multiple days, in key destinations in Europe and beyond.

Whatever your destination, our international wedding planning services are bespoke and completely tailored to you, with the aspiration of helping you to embrace what could be.

Bold personal expression and exploration are encouraged! We steer away from trends and fads, and help you focus on what truly matters. 

We foster a collaborative spirit and enjoy having honest, open conversations with you. We empower you to confidently make mindful, considered decisions, with you at the core of the planning journey – involved however much you want to, depending on your commitments – and confident that no matter what, you have a team of planners on your side with over a decade experience in planning seamless destination wedding experiences.  

I'm Elisabetta,

an Italian destination wedding planner based in London, but more than anything, an explorer, lover of once-in-a-lifetime moments, and of journeys that change you from within.

I’m a realist with a dreamer’s soul. And yes, I know it sounds like a contradiction, but here’s the thing: I see life as it is – a quest in the pursuit of love, happiness and spiritual balance. Life is an interesting journey and my dreamer’s soul is what allows me to find beauty within that constant striving. I believe that a beautiful, fulfilling life is to be surrounded by people that love you no matter what, travelling to places that fill my heart with awe for our Creator, and having the privilege to create not just weddings, but forever memories and experiences.

Give me a sunset by the sea with some deep house music in the background, a hug from my husband and kids as I take in the magical view and a virgin tropical daiquiri, and I’m the happiest person on the planet.

But I'm not going to lie - my work gives me immense satisfaction. We've been planning weddings for over a decade and I can't imagine doing anything else. Our team is a mini-family who likes to have a personal one-to-one relationship with our couples. YOU are our inspiration and driving force.  


"Our wedding day was the most intimate, Perfect Day. Your passion and professionalism shone through right from our first contact.
We can’t recommend you highly enough." 


Have you found the one yet?

We're incredibly fortunate to call a few places “home” – countries that not only inspire us and bring joy to our hearts, but that have also been part of our own personal journey, like Italy, where we have two basis, Brazil, the UK and Egypt. So it's no surprise that our destination wedding planning services are focused on key locations in the UK, Italy and Europe.

But if your heart is taking you somewhere else, we want to hear all about it. We've planned in other destinations and adopt an international approach that allows us to seamlessly adapt to our couples' requirements when it comes to their wedding location.

Give us a wedding in Greece, in a desert in Morocco, on a snowy mountain in the Alps, at a luxe boutique hotel in Bali, or on a secluded sandy beach in the Maldives or Mexico, and you will see our eyes light up.

But that’s not it. Our team speaks English, Italian, Portuguese and can get by in Spanish, and we've spent the last decade building relationships with vendors all over the world.

So when we say that no destination is off-limit, we mean it. 

the backdrop is the experience

You travel a lot and love to experience new destinations, cultures, exotic food, and be immersed in nature.


And you travel in style; in fact the only camping you'll ever consider is Scarabeo Camp in Morocco.


You don't accumulate stuff or purchase on a whim.


You live for memories and meaningful, expansive experiences and for the people you love. You're spontaneous, caring, empathetic.


You're at a point in life where you intentionally and fiercely protect your social and down-time.


You love to recharge and slow down, and while taking on wedding planning sounds delightful, you know it will be time-consuming.


You surround yourself with experienced, skilled professionals in your daily life, so you know that for your planning journey you'll need exactly the same.


You'll team up with an experienced, passionate team to help you create that effortlessly elegant wedding, while you focus your precious time on the things aligned to your values.



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