Buon giorno principi e principesse!

I’m finally getting in the spirit of winter, getting used to the cold mornings, icy car window and wearing boots and scarfs. And, the beautiful thing is: it’s now sales season too! Yeah baby! I went to the shops yesterday and took home a couple of bargains at 50% off!

Anyway, this preamble is just to introduce today’s moodboard: “Your Winter Honeymoon Shopping”. Perhaps getting married in winter is not that popular, and perhaps choosing a winter honeymoon destination is even less popular. Nonetheless, some of you might decided to go for a snow destination, perhaps a chalet in the Alps, or a skiing break in Canada…

If that’s you, have a look at this inspiration board for your honeymoon shopping.

Winter Honeymoon Shopping Moodboard

Over to you: Have you planned a winter honeymoon? Have you already done your honeymoon shopping? What are your must haves? I’d love to hear from you! 

x Betta

Credits: Monclar jacket, Polka dots jumper, Hiking Boots, Cream dress, Moon Boots, J’adore jumper, Ugg Slippers, Ugg Sequin Scarf,