Morning all! Now, you might have noticed that the blog hasn’t been updated as regularly as I should (smack on the hand! I deserve it…), but life is rather hectic at the moment, so if you love me and want me to preserve my mental sanity, I hope you will bear with me while I get some big projects out of the way… one of which may, or may not, include a styled photo-shoot in Milan… *Shh, don’t tell anyone!

Anyway, back to business… I’m conscious that many of my readers are fellow bloggers, or suppliers who also have a blog, and unless they have been doing it proficiently for a few years, one thing I notice when talking to other bloggers is that we all seem to struggle with certain basic tasks, like photoshopping our images, creating collages or understanding how to monetize from the hard work we put into it.

I’ve recently made a conscious effort to learn as much as I can from expert bloggers, so I recently attended Rock N’ Roll Bride’s School of Rock workshop in Brighton. It was great and refreshing, and really helpful to hear about the ins and outs of blogging from such an experienced blogger.

Another great workshop I would die to go to is the new venture of two of my favorite bloggers, Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams and Rebecca from Florence Finds. These super clever girls have joined forces and put together their minds and experience to create Dream.Find.Do., in their words “a blogging masterclass designed to arm you with the skills needed to take your blog from basic to brilliant in a single weekend“. Isn’t that exactly what I need?!

Dream Find Do, Dream.Find.Do.,  Win, Competition, Workshop, Blogging, Blogging Workshop So what are the details of the first Dream.Find.Do. workshop?

  • Where? Manchester, England
  • When? 29th and 30th of September 2012
  • How? Taught by 2 experienced bloggers: Rebecca Norris from Florence Finds and Michelle Kelly, of Pocketful of Dreams
  • Who? The workshop is designed for hobby bloggers and people who use blogs for business.

Dream.Find.Do. workshop is £500 ca., which, if we are honest, not everyone who is starting their own business can afford, but these girls are giving one of us the opportunity to join them for free!!!

Dream Find Do, Dream.Find.Do.,  Win, Competition, Workshop, Blogging, Blogging Workshop So, as much as I hate sharing the word because if I do, more people will enter thus reducing my chances of winning a spot, I still want you to get your chance to win. So here is what you need to do:

Entries close on Friday 31sth August at midnight.

Secretly I hope no one enters the competition (sorry! I’m not usually that selfish, but I SO want this!), but this is too good to miss out, so check it out and do your bit to spread the word!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!