Hello lovelies! Linen and Silk Weddings is finally back to base! After nearly a month between Sharm el Sheikh and Puglia, I’m now settling back in London to work on one more London wedding… And then, who knows? I have several enquiries for Sharm el Sheikh this autumn, so it might be that my other half and I will be heading back to Sharm around October/November. The thing is, I have loved every minute of this last month (except, being husbandless wasn’t fun at all – I actually don’t know how to sleep when I’m not sharing my bed with him!).

Now, I’ve been very conscious of not sharing too many iphone pictures about my two destination weddings – as fidgety as it makes me, there’s nothing like seeing the pictures of pro photographers, so I’ll be good and not share any more than what you might have already seen on my instagram account. However, the venue where I did the Sharm el Sheikh wedding, the Sultan Gardens Resort, has kindly shot an interview of me talking about the wedding of Matt & Sophia, why getting married in Sharm and at the Sultan Gardens and why you would need a wedding planner. It was fun shooting this with Joseph, Office Manager at the resort, but needless to say, I hate my voice and my face… So, I’ll let you enjoy it, while I go and hide in a little corner with headphones on! 🙂

Lots of love,

xx Betta