Hello my lovelies, I’ve spent some time looking at wedding cakes over the last few weeks. Whenever I work on a shoot or a client’s wedding, I invariably spend hours and hours on Pinterest looking for the right cake, the perfect details, matching colours, shapes and decorations. I am in complete awe at the cake designers, who with their hands, are able to create such masterpieces. Any bride who’s ever gone through the ups and downs of wedding planning will tell you that every little detail matters, and everything from the floral decorations to the table setting can be crucial to the overall look and feel of the wedding that has been so meticulously planned. When it comes to throwing an elegant wedding, you plan every detail to exude sophistication, down to the delicious cake that’s set to be cut at the end of the reception.

A sophisticated wedding cake perfect for an elegant wedding

Wedding cakes are often an event all in themselves, with most cakes being reflective of the couple’s personality. For an elegant wedding, a beautiful, plain, white or off-white cake with lace detailing can serve to be a wonderful centrepiece. Very little is needed to make the cake table stand out, as the cake on its own, with its intricate lace detailing, is enough to draw attention.

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Lace detailing can also be done on differently colored cakes, as seen in this cake from Dream Day Cakes, adding an elegant twist to modern cakes. The style of the lace can also project a more modern approach, perhaps picking up on patterns or designs of other elegant elements of your wedding, such as your dress!

20140606-002518-1518121.jpgWould I attempt making a lace cake? Hmmm… probably not… I wouldn’t even know how to do the icing, let alone a whole lace cake. However, if you are a baking queen, while lace cakes may seem incredibly difficult to create, and even more expensive to buy,  it’s actually relatively easy to make them. This video tutorial from Bronnie Bakes shows just how easy it is to make a vintage wedding cake with lace detailing, all with the help of some simple tools.

You can use a wonderful pattern to give your fondant a lace finish, which you can then apply to your plain cakes. Stacking several laced cakes with dowels will help give height and structure to your wedding cake. Ali Rodham, product developer for Marks & Spencer, has also come up with a quick tutorial for using dowels to support contemporary cakes:

And, of course, the lace themselves can also come in different colors. Bold-colored lace bears a striking contrast to plain-colored, white cakes, allowing you to incorporate whatever color theme you have in mind for your wedding as well.

As I’ve fallen in love with lace cakes, I’ve actually commissioned one for my next destination wedding. So watch this space, as hopefully I will have images to show very very soon! 😉

Lots of love

xx Betta

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