Wedding planning, Wedding planning advice, Flexibility, Wedding timeline, Wedding schedule, Wedding planner, On-the-day-coordination, London wedding planner, Destination wedding planner, Groom, SpeechesAs I work on finalising the timelines of my next two weddings, I’ve discussed with one of my clients the subject of flexibility. How flexible and loose can a timeline possibly be?

I’m not one for regimental, military-style wedding timelines. But, it is also true that if you don’t spell it out, some suppliers (particularly if you’re having a destination wedding in a country where customs are different) will do whatever they think is best whenever they think is needed. This way of working simply does not work!

Particularly if you don’t have a planner, being as accurate as you can be when instructing your suppliers or putting a timeline together, breaking down their tasks on the day, is essential.

However, what about deciding when to have a speech? Should it be before dinner, after dinner, after the cutting of the cake?

Well, turns out grooms appreciate the flexibility. It’s a nervous moment for them, so they may wish to do their speech when they feel most comfortable… As a planner it is my job to preempt any potential hiccups that could derive from shifting things around.

In all honesty, if you can’t be flexible on things such as speeches, then you are running a military operation, which is definitely not me, and so far, it doesn’t suit any of my couples either. As you plan your wedding, work on a step by step timeline, covering the job of every single individual that plays a part on the day. You will very quickly realise what tasks have to be carried out at specific times, and which one you can be flexible with. Talk to your suppliers and ask them if they think the flexibility could cause any problems. In some cases, it might just be a matter of having a quick word with the person in charge on the day, so that they can make a minor adjustment to the schedule.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and work out scenarios with them. Hopefully the suppliers you’ve chosen are on your same wave length and will show a spirit of flexibility and adaptability.

If, instead, you fear that coordinating the day is too big a job for you to handle, then look into hiring a planner who can offer on-the-day coordination. She will pick up the planning from you 3-4 weeks before the wedding day, and liaise with all your suppliers to ensure everyone knows what they’re doing and when. And, if anything needs to be changed at the last minute, she will be there to take care of the adjustments.

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xoxo Betta