Confetti confetti confetti… They are the pet peeve of wedding venues, because quite frankly, who fancies cleaning up after they have been scattered on steps, grass, entrances?

But hey, it could be worse. If you were Italian, you’d have rice thrown at you, which actually is the pet peeve of brides and grooms too as it get literally e v e r y w h e r e (your hair, your veil, your cleavage, your shoes, the groom’s pockets …) When I got married I actually requested that no confetti were to be thrown. Bridezilla much? Yes, but (1) I don’t really like the symbolic meaning of rice being (gently) thrown at us, and (2) I just didn’t fancy having pictures with rice stuck in my hair … Can I be forgiven please? 🙂

But this Push Pop Confetti idea totally rocks!

Are they messy? Yes. Do they get everywhere? Yes (but they’re not as fiddly as rice when you’re trying to brush them off you). Are they fun? Yes yes yes! Way more than rice or rose petals or confetti cones!

You can buy this from Etsy in the Thimblepress store. At £4.70/ unit they’re not exactly cheap, but should you have an intimate wedding, they’re definitely a lovely indulgence!

xoxo Betta

Credit: Etsy