It is one of the first things your guests will see when they come to your wedding and it’s bound to be in all your ceremony pictures. You will walk across it and it will be the backdrop of one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding aisle is a truly special part of your wedding, one that is often neglected, but that probably deserves a lot more attention that we often give it.

The options are never ending, and granted, perhaps even more so if you go for an outdoor ceremony; but just to give you an idea of the many options, here is a selection of some of my favourite wedding aisles found on Pinterest.

Top – Wedding aisles that turn heads UP

Wedding Aisles, Wedding Ceremony, Aisle, Wedding decorationsAh! The things that you can do with a ceiling! Draping fabrics, hanging chandeliers and flower arrangements, and even origami set ups – it takes creative thinking and possibly the help of an experienced wedding stylist or wedding planner, but a lot can be achieved with overhead decorations. If you’re getting married outdoors, take advantage of striking, natural spots under a tree or, like in the image above, under a some colourful wisteria. Fabrics can sometimes work out a lot cheaper than floral arrangements along the aisle, so if the venue where you are getting married allows for it, consider the option of draping fabric by alternating colours – this works perfectly if you have perhaps chosen a venue with a slightly ‘industrial’ feel that needs to be softened.

Straight ahead – wedding aisles that turn into backdrops

Wedding Aisles, Wedding Ceremony, Aisle, Wedding decorationsI love this cute aisle idea in this wedding featured on SMP (photo by Tammy Horton Photography). It looks like the couple had a poem by Pablo Neruda written on this long roll of fabric runner; not only it works as an aisle runner, but by hanging it up, it doubled up as a ceremony backdrop too. By taking inspiration from this, you can buy a neutral fabric aisle runner online and customise it with the words of a poem or a song lyrics that are meaningful to you and your other half.

Bottom – Traditional and non- wedding aisles

Wedding Aisles, Wedding Ceremony, Aisle, Wedding decorationsA much more traditional but nonetheless beautiful way to decorate your aisle is by simply using candles and flowers. These can sit on the floor, but if they do, please ensure that you have enough room for your dress to flow freely and that the flame is not naked (as exciting as it sounds, a fireman is the last guest you’d want on your wedding day!) and also ensure that you’re wedding venue allows you to have candles and tea-lights. In the UK, many historical buildings managed by English Heritage don’t allow candles, so please remember to check this beforehand. If candles are not an option, have floral arrangements either on the floor or hanging off your chairs… which leads me to another point… chairs. If you get your chairs right, you’ve done half of the work already. Check with your venue what kind of chairs they can offer you, and if you’re not satisfied ask if you can bring in your own hire chairs (or if you can at least change the seat pads!). Check out Great Hire or Jones Hire for fabulous alternatives.

Wedding Aisles, Wedding Ceremony, Aisle, Wedding decorations

And, if your ceremony location allows, why not introduce a striped or chevrons aisle runner? In the two images above you can see how the aisle has become the focal point – simples chairs, not many flowers at all, but the centre of attention is really and truly you walking down the aisle.

So, what’s your favourite?

xo Betta

Top (left to right, top to bottom):  via Sassy Report // Harwell Photography via Southern Weddings // via Southbound Bride // via My Modern Met // Dustin & Corynn Photography via Wedding Chicks //  Ampersand Studios via Elizabeth Anne Designs
Bottom (clockwise from the top): via Wild at Heart // Concept-A Photography // via Pop Sugar Home // Heather Lynn Photographie via Borrowed and Blue