Hello friends! I’m strangely relaxed this week; I guess it’s due to the lack of an iPhone… If you’ve read my earlier post this week, you’ll know I’ve dropped it in water, which means I now have to use an old Nokia with no apps or internet. I miss my phone like anything, but for once in ages I’ve actually picked a book again AND I’m planning my days and achieving a lot more… I guess that goes to show how dependent on my iPhone I’d become!

I promised you another installment of Top Wedding Tips from the Experts, so here is  Maggie Sawkins‘s advice on delivering a wedding speech. You met Maggie a few days ago when I introduced her and her services in an interview featured on the blog, so Maggie has kindly given her time to write her top tips to help anyone who’s due to give a speech build up confidence and write a speech everyone will remember.

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Image by Kirsten Shultz Photography via The Knot

 Over to you Maggie…

 1. Looks: People guess masses from your appearance. Stand tall, look them in the eye and SMILE! Reduce any visual distractions e.g. holding big sheets of paper. Use small index cards with key words only.

2. Start strong, end stronger: start with a challenge, a funny line or a quote from your Grandma, Mother Teresa or Malcolm X. Have a clear structure – maybe 2 or 3 ‘paragraphs’. END with a flourish. This is where you are re-stating the essential ‘message’ of your speech. Increase your volume so they catch every last word. Smile and keep eye contact whilst you receive your applause, having made someone else’s day!

3. Have a plan: choose a three-part structure for what you want to say, whether it’s for 3 minutes or 30. Use short anecdotes from your experience to make your points or illustrate one key thought about the people you’re toasting. Speak from the heart and your audience will get it, enjoy themselves and love you.

4. Get help: ask a supportive speaking coach to talk through and practice your speech and get feedback on your strengths and encouragement on areas to improve. There is a world of difference when you give this a bit of time. If a wedding day doesn’t call for this, when does?

Thank you so much Maggie for sharing your top tips with us!
Have you had to deliver a wedding speech? If yes, what advice would you give to someone who’s due to do the same? And what was your experience like?
Have a great day!
xx Betta