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It’s time to bring you some more top wedding tips, this time from luxury cake designer Janet Mohapi-Banks. Being one of the top cake designer in the industry, it’s an absolute pleasure to have Janet offer her words of wisdom on the blog and advice you on some of the key aspects you should bear in mind when choosing your wedding cake flavour.

So , over to Janet for her Top Wedding Tips:


Janet Mohapi-Banks, Luxury Cake Designer, Luxury Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cake, The Connaught, The RitzOnce you have chosen your cake designer, it’s time to decide upon the flavour or flavours of the cakes that will make up your wedding cake. Years ago it was simple, you had rich fruit cake and that was that. Nowadays you have the choice of every flavour under the sun. From classic sponge to rich chocolate cake to lime and passion fruit! The only thing that narrows your choice are your likes and dislikes and your imagination.

When you visit your cake designer you should be offered some samples. My clients get to choose three cake samples on our first visit and once I’m secured as their cake designer they can try as many flavours and make as many tweaks to the recipe as necessary to ensure that they get the cake they really want. I often suggest to my brides and grooms that they have at least one tier of rich fruit cake for their more traditional guests. Many people opt to have a different flavour for each tier, whilst others feel that the choice might be unfair for their guests and so stick to a single flavour throughout.

Janet Mohapi-Banks, Luxury Cake Designer, Luxury Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cake, The Connaught, The Ritz There are good and bad aspects to both of these decisions:

1. If you choose a single flavour throughout, it is best to stick to a well-known and well-liked flavour such as classic sponge, vanilla sponge, rich chocolate or rich fruitcake as you want everybody to enjoy the cake and therefore your choice is slightly limited.

Janet Mohapi-Banks, Luxury Cake Designer, Luxury Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cake, The Connaught, The Ritz

2. If you decide upon different flavours for each tier you run the risk of guests being disappointed at not being able to have the flavour of their choice. For this reason it is advisable that the largest tiers be very popular flavours, and the more unusual flavours are kept for the smaller top tiers.

Janet Mohapi-Banks, Luxury Cake Designer, Luxury Cakes, Luxury Wedding Cake, The Connaught, The Ritz

3. Another option is to have a very large cake, which is currently very on trend, so all guests can enjoy all flavours.

4. It is still very popular for people to keep the top tier of the wedding cake for either their first anniversary or the christening, baptism or naming ceremony of their first born child. If you would like to keep the top tier you must make it a rich fruit cake as no other cake can remain edible for that amount of time. Also, for the long lasting qualities, the rich fruit cake should be loaded with alcohol as it’s the alcohol in the cake that preserves it. In my opinion you really can’t beat a very good rich fruit cake.

Whatever cake centre you choose, make sure it is moist and scrumptious so the cake tastes as good as it look. After all, cake is for eating!


Thank you so much, Janet, for taking the time to put together your advice on choosing wedding cake flavour.

I hope our lovely brides and grooms have found this useful, as I’m sure there are a few points not everyone is aware of (I didn’t know that people keep their cake for as long as one year!).

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Info on Janet Mohapi-Banks: Janet Mohapi-Banks is an award winning luxury bespoke cake designer working in and around London, Surrey and the UK. Featured in all the country’s leading wedding magazines and on national television and radio. Janet Mohapi-Banks is a recommended supplier to some of the country’s most prestigious venues including The Connaught and The Ritz London.

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