The Editorial Wedding, Photography Workshop, Wedding Photography Workshop, UK Wedding Photography Workshop, Anneli Marinovich, South Bound BrideThis post is really for UK wedding photographers, but if you are a bride, the last paragraph contains a message for you… So if you are interested in knowing more about the level of professional training and development wedding photographers continuously go through to offer you their best, then please feel free to read on or skip to the last paragraph. But do come back in the week because there will be more for you! 🙂


Love, love, love when creative minds join forces to create something special that doesn’t just benefit themselves, but others too! When photographer Anneli Marinovich sent me an email to let me know of this new workshop for UK wedding photographers, The Editorial Wedding, I knew it worth sharing on the blog. As someone who receives real weddings and love shoot submissions on a daily basis, it breaks my heart when I have to reject one due to the lack of shots that highlight the hard work the couple has put into all those DIY touches, or when I can’t find one well-shot picture of the dress, stationery, table decor etc. Yes, weddings are a celebration of love, but in truthfulness, wedding blogs exist to inspire couples and without the details, there simply is no inspiration. Featuring real weddings on blogs is also a great opportunity for photographers to boost their visibility and notoriety, so developing an eye for shooting weddings in an editorial way is a great skill to have… And this is where  The Editorial Wedding comes in…

The Editorial Wedding is a new workshop for UK wedding photographers aiming to raise their professional profile and promote their business through publication both in print and online. It combines the inside track on getting published with the practical experience of a gorgeous, professionally-styled shoot in a friendly, supportive and motivating environment.

Participants will learn how to add an editorial element to their wedding photography, making the most of design, details and context, how to select and submit images to give themselves the best chance of success, and how to make the most out of publication. They will also take home a ‘cheat sheet’ guide to UK and international publications.

A morning of classroom-based teaching will be followed by an editorial shoot, styled by Louise Beukes of b.loved. Renowned for her contemporary style and attention to detail, Louise has styled and coordinated shoots with top industry professionals, producing strong editorial images that have appeared in many major publications.

There are limited places available for the workshop, which takes place on 9 April and costs £325, including lunch.

Who are the founders of The Editorial Wedding?

Anneli Marinovich is a Surrey-based photographer who has photographed beautiful weddings both in the UK and South Africa. Her work has been published in thirty different magazines and blogs, and she has also produced lifestyle photography for commercial clients.

Gaby Frescura is the founder of SouthBound Bride, a Top 40 wedding blog focusing on brides planning their weddings in South Africa. With over ten years of experience as an editor in books and magazines, her styling work has also been featured in both UK and South African publications.


The wedding industry is a hive of opportunities for professionals looking to learn new skills or perfect their existing ones, and brides, you should know that a lot goes on behind the scenes of a wedding professional’s life. We don’t just turn up to your wedding, plan it, photograph it, sell you our venue, or sing for you… We invest time, money and energy every year to better ourselves, so that ultimately we can be the best supplier you will work with. You read blogs and magazines, thus becoming more and more accustomed to weddings that are shot in an editorial way, so in order for us suppliers to stay ahead of the curve, many of us join workshops by experienced colleagues that will help us develop that competitive edge we need for you to consider us. Please, my dear couples, appreciate this when you negotiate with your wedding photographer or any other supplier… Remember that what you pay for is not just the 8-10 hours at your wedding, and the editing time, but it’s the experience, knowledge and skills that these professionals are bringing to your wedding – which is gained through work AND workshops like this!

xx Betta