Destination wedding, George Clooney's wedding, Italian wedding, Venice wedding, Wedding in Italy, Wedding in Venice, Celebrity weddingSo far every picture of Amal Alamuddin I have seen has been perfect. Granted, she has an amazing figure, but the woman appears to have fabulous taste too! However, this post isn’t about Amal’s fashion sense or a praise to the designers she’s been wearing who will receive exposure for the next two weeks until the Clooneys’ craze has passed. What I want to celebrate, actually, is George and Amal’s class and graciousness in the way they have embraced their visibility throughout the past few days.

Being exposed is a direct consequence of their status, a consequence that makes any celebrity that tries to avoid it (which is totally understandable, mind you) come across as bitter, annoying and ungrateful. George and Amal could have insisted on a ‘private’ wedding, but then they would have had to compromise on getting married in the most romantic city ever. Because, let’s face it, there is only so much you can do to keep the press and paps at bay if you get married in Venice. Instead, the Clooneys have managed to find their special, happy moment while being surrounded by the media. And they haven’t just accepted the presence of camera zooms; they have welcomed them, waving at the cameras, parading on the canals, and offering happy smiles, the kind of smiles you should be expecting from a newly-wed couple.

Destination wedding, George Clooney's wedding, Italian wedding, Venice wedding, Wedding in Italy, Wedding in Venice, Celebrity weddingI absolutely love that. They have given the rest of the celeb world a lesson in composure and class, one that I’m not sure I have ever seen in my life time (with exception perhaps of Brad and Angelina, who manage to have the most private of weddings in France, a wedding that was the reflection of them as a couple with celebrity status but that love and cherish the intimacy of their close family more than anything else).

One thing many of us struggle with on the wedding day is forcing a smile for 12-15 hours even when, to be quite honest, you feel exhausted, dehydrated, and your jaws ache from too much smiling for the camera. On my wedding day one of the things that I remember most vividly is guests following us around with their camera asking to take pictures together. I loved it for a while, but towards the end of the day I remember struggling to pull a genuine smile. If that’s how I felt on my wedding day, imagine how I’d feel if I had lenses pointed toward my face   a l l   d a y   l o n g  on the entire wedding weekend!

I’m not posting this to make you feel like you should spend your entire wedding day smiling and waving at Uncle Bob recording you despite you already having a wedding videographer. You (and I) are not George Clooney who has been living with this day in day out for the past who knows how many years. But one thing you don’t want to lose on your wedding day is class and composure. So, if you are not the best at posing, perhaps do choose a wedding photographer that will document the whole day in the most natural of ways, without you and your husband having to pose. And if you don’t want to spend the entire day being asked by your guests to take ‘just one more picture together please?’, then let them know that after the family pictures, you and your husband will do a small session with guests so they can take pictures with you. Hopefully this will reduce the number of requests during the day so that you can really and truly let your hair down and enjoy smiling happily without feeling the pressure of a camera pointed at you 🙂

xx Betta

Image: via Daily Mail // Hapers Bazar