It’s been a little while since my last post, so I wanted to give you a bit of a lowdown on what I’ve been up to in the past few days.

As many already know, in my case blogging came about as a way to keep my passion for weddings alive while I put my life in order. The real passion, however, has always been for wedding planning, something that until a few months ago I felt it would have had to remain a dream, and not something that my circumstances would have allowed me to pursue.

I was in a demanding job, giving 200% to the 8 hours I was getting paid for, only to leave the office late anyway. By the time I was home, I was so exhausted I had no time or strength to cook, clean, or even spend quality time with my husband. Two years earlier I trained with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and the excitement was great. In my mind by the following year I should have been ready to become a wedding planner, but as I went back to work I was quickly forced into the usual routine that was crushing all my dreams. Two years later and I felt like I couldn’t carry on anymore. Walking in to work with tears in my eyes because of feeling exhausted made me realise that something had to change.

So I decided: if I can’t change my job right now (after all, I had a job, which is something a lot of people lost during the recession and would have been grateful to have), I have to do something that brings me back to my original dream of working in the wedding industry. Hence, the wedding blog.

I studied media and communication at university, which has allowed me to fine tune my skills as a column writer, but since I was catapulted into the busy job at a media agency pretty much after graduating, I didn’t give myself a chance to pursue journalism, so the idea of picking up a digital pen and paper was really exciting.

I started writing and used another blog platform, but the look and feel of the blog was so dull that I quickly became uninspired. And so I put the digital pen and paper down. Loser, I told myself.

But then, circumstances at work changed. Really fast. I was offered a free-lance, part time opportunity for a branding and comms studio – 3 days a week, with complete flexibility. No brainer. I went to work on Monday, gave my resignation and suddenly felt inspired again.

The blog has allowed me to get to know incredibly talented wedding suppliers and bloggers that I admire greatly, and most of all, it has spurred me on to finally pursue a wedding planning career. So, I’ve been busy – busy attending my first UKAWP Mix & Mingle where I had the chance to meet planners I’ve been following (not in the sense of stalking of course  (!), but ‘respect’, ‘esteem’ etc.) ever since I’ve trained – Isabel Smith, Helen Carter, Kelly Chandler, Bernadette Chapman, Aimee Dunne and Lucinda George, just to mention a few), and new planners who, like me, are in the process of setting up.

And it took me one meeting and just one week to turn things around. Since then, I’ve researched public liability insurance (essential if you want to be a planner), and I’ve started visiting wedding venues to add to my portfolio. As soon as the branding is ready (hopefully one more month, and I’ll be there!), I will migrate my blog so that it is connected to my wedding planning website and finally launch!

For this special occasion, I’m planning to run a competition, so watch this space as details will be made available soon!

But don’t worry, the blog is here to stay. I enjoy writing too much to let this go, so I will keep needing your support and, if you are a blogger, or wedding planner, any encouragement or advice that you can give me.

x Betta

Image Credits (trying to share as much love as I possibly can!):

♥ Keep Calm and Blog via Acritica blog.

♥ Minimalist black and white table: image found via Pinterest. I then landed on the fabulous Ruffled Blog, where I found the beautiful photography of Emily Steffen (and by the way, the stunning linens and table decor is by Linen Effects, Design, Paper goods and Styling are by Bethany Hway and flowers are by Sadies Floral).

♥ Sweets Table: via one of my fav wedding bloggers, Pocketful Of Dreams, photography by Jana Williams Photography

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