I am actually lying awake at 3.30am as I write this, for no particular reason – it’s just too warm to sleep. But as I sit here wondering what to do with all these ‘spare hours’, I’ve realised that that annoying little scratch on my cheek is a new spot (or pimple, or whatever you want to call it)… yuk… Not another one!
I haven’t been blessed with the best skin, unfortunately. And if there is one thing I detest about my body, that is it. You hear people (generally girls) saying to you: “It’s only ‘coz you’re conscious of it, but honestly, no one notices it!”. Then one day, as I’m walking on a beach in Sharm el Sheikh, the voice of truth spoke. He said: “You know what’s the remedy for that?”. Me: “Eh? ‘That’ what?”. “Your spots” he said. Three thoughts raced through my mind: 1. Who’s this dude and who does he think he is? 2. I’m going to chuck him in the water. 3. Where can I go and hide?! I mean, girl + bikini… Is that really all he could see?!?! He did redeem himself by saying he had had bad skin too, and that maybe I should move to Sharm so I can swim in the sea every day and let the salt disinfect my skin, and that I’m pretty anyway, but believe me, none of this really sticked. All that sticked is: my skin is bad and that is ALL people can see when they look at me!

Sadly there is nothing much I can do to really and truly stop this problem. I’ve tried it all – antibiotics, medicated creams, roaccutane, pills, you name it.

So how do you leave with it? And I’m thinking of you brides, who like me back in 2008 when I got married, must be fretting the idea of a new, angry spot on your wedding day!

At this moment in time for me it is all about concealing. I am not a make up artist or a skin specialist, but this is what works for me and the products I personally use (not every day as I do like to keep my skin bare whenever possible!):

1. Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Serum: I struggle with heavy, oily creams, so this serum (and its cream sister product that I also use) is perfect. It hydrates my skin (it feels like a splash of fresh water), nourishes it with the right ingredients, and at the same time brightens it up by helping those annoying, dark pigmentation marks left by old spots fade away. This is the first thing I put on as soon as I’ve washed my face and the last thing I put on at night before bed

2. Benefit Porefessional primer: they say it’s one of the most sold primers ever, and I can see why. It somehow fills all those open pores, scars and fine wrinkles without clogging up your skin. It’s so light, it’s a pleasure to wear it. And, if you’re not planning on a layer on foundation, this is good enough to help your skin feel even. So that’s step 2 for me – a fine layer on my t-zone and a slightly thicker layer over my scars

3. Befit Boi-ing Concealer: I’ve been looking everywhere and for ages for a concealer that wasn’t too liquid, too dry, too oily. When you have a spot, this bad boy is the one thing you lump on to help conceal the redness, so it’s paramount that the product doesn’t irritate the spot further (or turn it into a giant, white, look-at-me lump in 2 hours!). Boing doesn’t do any of that. It covers immaculately. It heals at the same time thanks to its ingredients. And the right shade blends in beautifully. All I do is use my finger to dub it gently on the spot (and if I need to dip in the concealer twice I make sure I use a different finger so I don’t spread the bacteria on the concealer itself)

4. Bobbi Brown loose mineral powder: in all honesty, this powder is not any more special than other powders I’ve tried before. If you use BareMinerals, for instance, you’ll achieve the same results. I follow the advice make-up artist Lisa Eldridge gives all the time (I love her advice as she too suffers with mild acne so she knows exactly what we go through): put your concealer on, then use a sponge or a brush to dub loose powder on it, so that the concealer lasts longer and, by blending the coverage in, you cover the redness or darkness seamlessly

A pro make up artist will have the perfect solution for your wedding day, but if you are looking for a daily quick fix or even, if you’re not hiring a MUA for your wedding, this advice should get you out of trouble – you will however need a good foundation after your primer. I use Chanel despite the fact that I’m being told by MUAs that there are more appropriate foundations for my skin. I, however, feel it’s light and fresh, so after a layer of primer, I apply a thin layer of foundation, followed by concealer, loose powered, a touch of bronzer and blusher.

Here is one of Lisa Eldridge‘s most useful videos for covering up acne prone skin with make up. Hope you’ll find it useful!