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Sharm el Sheikh stole my heart the very first time I visited. It is a truly magic destination that offers hospitality, choice of venues and an experience that is unparalleled to any other place I’ve ever been to. From a sunset wedding at a secluded restaurant overlooking the sea and the desert, to a plush affair in a 5 star hotel, a romantic beach wedding, a bespoke intimate celebration on a boat at sea, or a party in a trendy bar in Naama Bay… Sharm el Sheikh is an undiscovered wedding gem with endless choices. In the last few months I took my time to understand the market, keep an eye on the demand, and establish connections with suppliers that can deliver the bespoke service I expect to offer at the standards I’m used to. So I’m incredibly excited to be finally able to bring this new wedding planning service to brides and grooms all over who are looking to get married in a unique and mesmerising destination!

To help you get an idea of how my services will work, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s blog posts to the launch of my Sharm el Sheikh wedding planning services. So here’s what’s in store for this week:

Tuesday: the nitty gritty. I will take you through Linen and Silk wedding planning services in Sharm el Sheikh and how it’s all going to work. Don’t worry, nothing too complicated! In fact, I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible so you can clearly see the benefits of getting married in Sharm el Sheikh without worries, anxiety or stress.

Wednesday: it’s FAQ time! I’ve compiled a list of questions on getting married in Sharm el Sheikh, from the technicalities of getting married in a foreign country (but remember, I’m trying to keep things simple for you, so the solutions I offer will always be the easiest) to concerns over safety in Egypt and Sharm el Sheikh. If you have any burning questions that you’d like me to answer, please leave a comment in the comment section below and I will address it in Wednesday FAQ sessions or later on in a follow up post. 

Thursday: get inspired. Throughout the last few months I’ve collected inspiration, partly to keep me focused, partly to inspire the suppliers I’ve been talking to, and partly to show you what a Sharm el Sheikh wedding planned by Linen and Silk Weddings might look like. So Thursday is the day I will share it all with you, in two batches, a morning post at 8.15am and an afternoon post at 1.15pm.

 Friday: let’s get real. I will share with you a fabulous desert pre-wedding shoot by Tasneen Alsultan, Dubai based wedding photographer offering services in the region but also in Europe and further afield. Tasneem has been a great inspiration and has offered me invaluable support in the months leading up to this day, so I’m really looking forward to introducing her work to you and hopefully work with her on weddings in Sharm el Sheikh and Europe soon.

 Saturday: sorry, but we’ll take a break…

Sunday: get acquainted with inspiring suppliers. Although I have many European based suppliers who are willing and desirous to travel to Sharm el Sheikh for your wedding, I’m also very keen to work with local suppliers from Arab countries too. They have extremely meticulous attention to details, an exquisite eye for elegance and, of course, knowledge of the local customs, traditions and style, so they can offer you a perfect blend of Western and Arab influence. So on Sunday I will introduce you to Mariam of Natoof, a graphic designer & wedding stationer from a neighbouring country whose work continuously inspires me and with whom I’d love to work in a near future.

All this, believe me, is exciting to say the least (the whole “I’ve done it now so I can’t take it back” is a touch scary too!).

So a BIG BIG thank you to the supportive people who have encouraged me along, and that includes my husband who sometimes must be wondering if his wife has lost the plot, my family who gave me the reassurance I was more than capable of achieving this, Ahmed (my lil’ bro) who was the catalyst to this new venture and who was the first one to listen to this crazy idea and believe that it could be done, Silvia (my lil’ sis) who embarked on a new venture at the same time as me and gave me the strength to do it too, and finally the fellow wedding suppliers who have encouraged me along and those who have done the opposite – the result was still the same: you all made me more determined. So thank you!

At times I felt like this project had too many obstacles. The challenges to get to this point have been many, but I’m not giving up – #projectsharm is no longer a project; it’s now a reality and I cannot wait to work with fabulous brides and grooms who wish to get married in this incredible destination!

Visit my Sharm el Sheikh services page if you’d like to enquire, otherwise come back tomorrow to find out more about my services.

Have a fab day!

xxx Betta