20140727-174903-64143483.jpgAs a business I do my best to use social media channels to show the positive, fun side of my work; however, sometimes I fear I could come across as an emotionless robot: work-rejoice-share-repeat… work-rejoice-share-repeat… You get my gist, right? One of the wedding supplier I feel I connect with the most is US-based wedding photographer Jasmine Star. One of the earliest lessons I remember picking up from one of Jasmine’s workshop was that clients will not just pick you because of your skills, prices or portfolio, but because they feel an emotional connection with you. So allowing clients to get to know me personally is for me important, hence why on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I often mix personal with private.

Personally, however, I struggle to keep the negatives safely tucked in. I have lots of emotions running through my mind & heart (argh! these Italians!) and at times I need my best friends to help me offload them, because as much as I want my clients and fellow suppliers to get to know me, no one wants to hear a wedding planner moaning! One thing I’ve realised this summer, however, is that when you keep stuff in, you often end up imploding and isolating yourself a bit.

I’m so excited by the beautiful summer I’ve had with my clients – seriously, weddings in Sharm, Italy, London… Couldn’t have asked for any better! However, the one thing that is suffering a little is the time I give to my friends. We’re all so busy I haven’t had a call with either of my best friends since June. And I miss them so so badly!

So, after an early August wedding, next month will be a time for me to slow down a little, dedicate time to personal relationships, and recharge physically and mentally so that I can continue giving my very best to my clients and not a burnt out version of me!

I know some of you, fellow industry suppliers, do the same at different times of the year. Do you find it works for you? Or do you find yourself going back to work before your enforced break ends? What strategies do you use to make sure you don’t go back to your usual work routine after just a couple of days? Or what else do you do to avoid burning out during a busy summer?

Would love your comments 🙂

xoxo Betta