20131021-012747.jpgRestlessness is definitely one of my (worst) characteristics. I mean, it’s 1.30am and I’m writing this, not because I’m not sleepy, or I had not time, but because I’m feeling restless, mind overworking and body, well, incapable of switching off too; so you can see how much restlessness affects my daily life…

But in a way restlessness is good. It’s that force that doesn’t want to make me stay at home for too long, that makes me want to wonder, progress, travel, move on, plan.

And it’s also that force that convinced me that bringing my wedding planning services to Italy and initiating #projectsharm was the right thing to do. Knowing I get to do two of the things I love the most (plan weddings & travel) fulfils my restless spirit and gives me purpose.

Are you a roaming spirit too? Where does your restlessness take you?

Have a fab week xxx

Image via Trip Diaries