I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog and on Twitter this bank holiday weekend and that’s due to a few factors that have distracted me from the wedding world…

♥ On Friday I decided to do a suicidal 4 hours in GoApe swinging across zip lines, throwing myself off trees like Tarzan’s Jane and trying to cross from one tree to another on slim wire lines. It was windy and rainy, so the trees kept swaying making it 3 times more difficult. The result? Four days later my body, from the waist up, is still feeling like I had my appendix removed. I cannot laugh, sneeze or cough without holding my belly and I cannot sleep either, which has greatly affected my concentration levels. Once the pain has gone, I will expect to see a massive improvement on my girly six packs……Which six packs?!

♥ Being the last bank holiday weekend until Christmas (oh that hurts!), I decided to make it a relaxing one and spend it chilling with my husband. We ended up turning the television on, which is something I can honestly say we haven’t done for weeks. Yes, I do live without CBB and yes, I watched X-Factor yesterday for the first time, but I’ve realised that telly actually makes me sad and distracts me so badly. So I’m planning to stay away from it again for a while.

♥ Last week I posted about the plans for my blog and for my wedding planning (to read it, go here) and I’ve been a bit busy working on some of the goals I set for myself. So much more to do, and as I’ve realised, it does take quite a bit of time. So, to the various goals I set for myself, I now need to add a new one, that is: learn to manage my time, so that I can both take the business forward and keep my blog up to date.

Now, today’s post is one of those that I wondered whether I should even blog about it. A little research online will show you that how to decorate with fruit is a really popular topic covered by so many bloggers that you are probably tired of seeing it. However, I’ve found some really beautiful pictures, so I wanted to share the inspiration with you even just for the sake of you printing the page and cutting out one of the pictures for your inspiration book.

Personally, I really like the way fruit and flowers work together. They are somehow unexpected and the colours are so bright that they put a smile on my face. Apples, lemon, oranges and strawberries seem to be the most popular fruits for centrepieces, but you can incorporate fruit in a million other ways.

In the moodboards below you will see how you can use them to make buttonholes for the your groom, hold the table numbers or escorting cards, and even add creativity to your wedding pictures.

If you are planning to use fruit but you are not sure how to incorporate it in your wedding decor, ask your florist to show you previous work that s/he’s done with fruit.

Etsy is also a great place to find cute fruity and functional ideas to decorate your venue.

Have you used fruit to decorate your wedding? Do you like the idea, or have you found a great online resource for ideas on how to decorate with fruit?

Please do share your thoughts with us! 🙂

xx Betta

Image Credits (As you can see, this section is now a lot richer so that every person I went through to find these images is mentioned)

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