Buon Lunedì carissime e carissimi (happy Monday darlings)! Hope you all had a great weekend. Judging by my social media feeds and number of pictures from this weekend’s weddings, wedding season is truly winding down. This is also when us, wedding suppliers, start focusing on our businesses – training, marketing, networking and forging professional relationships with other inspiring suppliers, and of course focusing on new enquiries for the next season. For me it’s also time to prep for a new announcement about my services – exciting, but let me tell you, there’s so much to do sometimes I wonder if I’m gone a bit mad! 🙂 I know, however, it will all be worth in the end, even if fear is the predominant feeling I’m experiencing right now. Soon, soon I’ll have more to share with you, I promise! 😉

It’s a simple post today, but one that sometimes is needed. With all the emphasis we often give to details, sometimes the wedding styling world feels saturated, as if everything has already been done, and nothing new can be invented. This is obviously not what weddings are all about and of course, this is not the truth. But while I feel that way, I have the urge to go back to my roots – minimalist Milan, the place where I was born and where I grew up, has taught me one thing: “less is more”. Sometimes, the simplest things are the most beautiful and effective. As this cake proves it.

It’s linear, simple, clean, white, with a small delicate touches that make it so beautiful and elegant it’s hard to ignore it.  I’m in love with it. What about you?Wedding cake, White wedding cake, Minimalist wedding, Simple wedding cake, Simple wedding, Blue ribbon,Photo by David Jenkins via Ruffled Blog

Have a fab week carissime!

xoxo Betta