Good morning lovelies!

I’d like to do a little blog lovin’ session today. One thing you’ll often find a blogger doing is either spend half of her day on Pinterest or looking at other blogs – all in the name of ‘research’, of course!

So today I want to share with you three of my favorite blogs that I would recommend to anyone who loves weddings, photography, or simply loves beautiful aesthetic and likes to keep up with the latest lifestyle trends. I read each of these blogs practically every day… Ok, perhaps not 7 days a week – I might not read them at the weekend, but that’s just because I don’t like to turn my computer on at the weekend. This is going to change the moment I put my hands on a new shiny iPad! By the way, who’s going to get a new one today?!

So, in no particular order, these are the blogs I love and why:

Pocketful of Dreams

POD Screenshot, Pocketful of Dreams, Pocketful of Dreams Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Wedding Blog, Styling Blog, Style, LifestyleCurated by event planner and stylist Michelle, Pocketful of Dreams is a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing inspiring ideas and tips on weddings, events and style. I came across Michelle a few months ago, on a live webchat on You & Your Wedding with several wedding planners.

I remember someone complimenting her on her blog, so I paid it a visit and ended up hooked! Michelle has the best eye for details, design skills and creativity. Her advice for brides to be is always spot on, but what I like the most is her integrity. Everything she features fits perfectly with her style, which means that if you visit her blog because you love her style, you will never be disappointed.

Her moodboards are regularly featured on wedding blog per excellence Love My Dress. Each and every moodboard she designs is a testimony to her styling skills, and I must confess, I am a tiny weeny bit jealous, as no matter how much I try, my moodboards never look as super professional as hers!

Why do I read Pocketful of Dreams? In short, because it helps me keep my eye for creative styling sharp, and because I love Michelle’s take on trends. Do you want an example? Type ‘neon’ in the search field on her blog and see what comes up… The screenshot above is just a sneak peek, but check her other posts and moodboards too, and you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Florence Finds

Florence Finds, Florence Finds Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Lifestyle, Style, Style Blog, Rebecca

Oh, how can I describe Florence Finds? It’s like a guilty pleasure, with the difference that a guilty pleasure is something people often hide because it’s not that wholesome, while Florence Finds is my wholesome indulgence! Rebecca’s blog actually good for the soul and perfect for cheering up those boring lunch breaks sitting at your desk.

Florence Finds covers all the topics a 21st century woman likes to talk about, including interior design, fashion, travel, beauty and a bit of cooking too!
There is something just so genuine about Rebecca and the way she blogs, that compels you to comment on most of her posts.

Why do I read Florence Finds? Easy! I love Rebecca’s fashion and beauty tips, and the great interior design finds she often comes up with. For someone who subscribes to Elle, Living Etc. and Lonely Planet magazine, Florence Finds is definitely a must read! When you work in the wedding industry, or indeed, when you are planning your own wedding, it’s important that you don’t feed yourself of wedding magazines and wedding blogs only, as eventually everything will start look a bit ‘same-y’ and you may end up losing your individuality. A blog like Florence Finds, however, makes you more receptive to non-wedding stimuli and gives you a healthy non-wedding distraction that can help you refocus on what you really like.

Jasmine Star Blog

Jasmine Star, Jasmine Star Blog, Jasmine Star Photography, Jasmine Star Wedding Photography, Jasmine *, J*, Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography Blog, Photography Blog

Ok, perhaps predictable, but what can I do if I love this girl’s blog? The fact that I’m so addicted to it proves that she gets it right. Jasmine Star practices what she preaches and for as long as she continues to blog and relate to others the way she does, I will continue to follow her words. She insists that for a business to be successful you need to let people see your personality and who you truly are. She does this with her blog and regularly attracts thousands of people.

So, who is Jasmine Star? Apart from being one of the most known boutique wedding photographers in the US, Jasmine is a girl whose wedding changed her life. She realized she wanted to give photography a try, dropped out of Law school and embarked on a mission to become a successful wedding photographer. Did she make it? She knows she has, but she continues to look for opportunities to grow. And this simply makes her more human. Jasmine has accrued an incredible amount of followers, ranging from photographers to wedding professionals, photography enthusiasts to the girl next door.

Why do I read Jasmine Star‘s blog? Her blog posts are candid, helpful, encouraging. Do you know those people who believe that retaining knowledge equals power? Well, Jasmine is the antithesis of this. She keeps her feet firm on the ground and shares her knowledge via her blog with others to help them become better at what they do. Her photography is so gracious that every time she posts one of her real weddings or engagements sessions on the blog it makes me wish I were there. Her blog is a compendium of business, marketing and photography advice. If you are considering to start your own business, search her clips on her YouTube channel – they are immensely encouraging and practical.

So this is just a small look into some of my favourite blogs and daily reading. I have a lot more I’d like to share, so perhaps I’ll make this a regular feature? What do you think?

The ball’s in your court now – what are your favorite blogs and why? They don’t have to be wedding related. Perhaps you follow a crafty blog, a travel blog or a design one? Do share your blog love with us!

Baci e abbracci!