It is always exciting when you get an email from a bridal designer showing you their new collection. Even more exciting when they tell you they’ll be in London for a few days and you get the chance to meet the designer in person and see her beautiful dresses in real life! Italian wedding dress designer Marianna Lanzilli is the fabulous designer I’m talking about.

“Finding a wedding dress is all down to ‘chemistry'” Marianna says. “Sometimes it’s love at first sight. Other times finding a dress that reflects your personality and your stile, that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time, takes time and patience.” That’s why Marianna has designed four new dresses for four different brides: the “sophisticated” bride, the “hippie”, the “glamorous” and the “romantic” one. And you will now get a chance to see them in person in London at a trunkshow hosted by Heart Aflutter Bridal Boutique!

But before I tell you more about Marianna‘s London visit, let me introduce you to “Aline”, “Flora”, “Stella” and “Aria”.
ALINE” is a dress for the sophisticated bride. It has a sharp neck line at the front, but a super chic and sightly revealing deep v neck line at the back. This dress is perfect for the bride who believes that less is more. It’s elegant and modest, and works beautifully even with a pair of ballerina pumps Audrey Hepburn’s style.
FLORA” is for the hippie bride. This is the dress for the woman who wants to feel free, light, a bit boho … With a soft neckline, narrow shoulder straps, a clean-line skirt, “Flora” is perfect if you literally want to feel comfortable and free. And if you want to add a touch of sophistication, Marianna suggests an embroidered bridal cap leaning on one side of your forehead and a lace bolero accessorised with bold jewellery.

STELLA” is perfect for the glamorous bride that enjoys attention and wants to stand out. For the bride that feels that lace is a thing of the past, Marianna has come up with a 3D solution with petals and leaves climbing over the sheer corset, a sweetheart neck line and a floaty chiffon skirt. All you need is a red lipstick and if you really want to go glamorous all the way, coordinated gloves!
And lastly, “ARIA” the dress for the romantic bride. It feels precious and soft. The corset gives emphasis to the narrow waist, while the voluminous skirt, combined to a harmonious short trail, gives it a royal feel… And then the colour – a warm blush which emphasises the romantic character of this dress giving it a vintage, yet timeless feel. And if you decide to cover your shoulders, Marianna suggests an organza shoulder bolero – imperceptible and super romantic.

Do you want to meet Marianna? The lovely Heart Aflutter Bridal Boutique is hosting a Marianna Lanzilli trunkshow in just over a week:

WHEN: 6th to 8th February
WHEREHeart Aflutter Bridal Boutique, Studio 104, Netil House1A Westgate Street, London E8 3RL
FOR MORE DETAILS: Head over to Facebook

I will definitely pop in at Heart Aflutter on one of those 3 days as I’m dying to meet the lovely Marianna Lanzilli in person, see the dresses and visit this boutique. Hope to see you there

xoxo Betta

CREDITS: Sara D’Ambra Photography  // Flowers: Il Profumo dei Fiori