A girl dreams of her wedding day since she is a little child. A prince, a beautiful white dress, lots of happy tears, her beautiful daddy walking her down the isle…

And then the day comes. You have the man of your dreams, the beautiful dress, happiness, except… you are sick… Yes. Sick. It might not happen in the fairy tales or in your childhood dreams, but that’s what happened in real life to Karla, who married  Steven in November of 2011. On that day, Karla was terribly sick.

A few months later Karla decided to email wedding photographer Luke of 1985Luke Photography hoping to redo her wedding pictures, since the first time she wore her gorgeous, white dress for the photos it was all a bit of a blur. Instead of doing a ‘trash-the-dress’ session, they accessorised it with jewellery, hair accessories, a sweater, and a bubble-gum pink bike to add a bit of fun and make it truly memorable.

I love the location and the light of this shoot! And I really feel for Karla and Steven – no one wants to be sick on their wedding day, but I’m so happy they’ve managed to get the pictures they desire, so it’s a real pleasure to feature them on the blog today!

Karla & Steven, it’s going to be your 1st wedding anniversary soon! Congratulations!!!

And thank you to 1985Luke Photography for sharing the pictures with us!

xx Betta