Last week has been a quiet one at Linen & Silk blog HQ. I’ve been working along with my designer, aka my super-duper lovely brother (Oh, hello, Pasqui… I knew you’d be reading this!), to bring a refreshed look & feel and new branding to the blog. So the blog will relaunch in a couple of weeks and I’m planning to celebrate with a whole week of giveaways, special discounts, offers and competitions!

But for today, I have one of my ‘thinking’ posts… Those who know me will tell you that I love action movies with a bit of humour, but my absolute favourites are chick flicks! There’s nothing like an afternoon at the cinema with your best friend sobbing, laughing and then coming out with philosophical questions about life and all those ‘what ifs’!

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The one movie that has done it for me this month is The Vow. It has come out in the UK just over one week ago and I decided to go and watch it because of the hype it has generated in the US and because (brace yourself) I actually LOVED Dear John with Channing Tatum, so I figured: if I enjoyed Tatum’s acting in Dear John, I would probably enjoy The Vow too… Deep thinking, I know 🙂

But I did. I actually loved The Vow so much I then spent days thinking about these incredibly deep questions that the movie, based on a real story, raised within me. I don’t want to review the movie for you or give away more than I should, so here is the official trailer:

And here are the questions I couldn’t stop thinking about:

♥ What if that happened to me? What if I lost my memory (and remember, this has happened to a real couple), and I couldn’t remember anything for the last 5 years?

♥ Would I be able to live up to the promise I’ve made to my husband when we tied the knot, even though I have no recollection of marrying or even meeting him? I 100% think that I would, but that what if is mind boggling!

♥ How would I react if that happened to my partner? Would I be fighting for his love the way Leo (Channing Tatum) fights for Page’s when she leaves him because she cannot remember who he is?

So often we take life for granted, we settle into our routine and forget about the little things and the small gestures that make our life so incredibly enjoyable. How many times we stop and think: What if all of this disappeared in a fraction of a second? Would I regret all the times I could have said ‘I love you’ but didn’t?

Fully embracing our vows and appreciating the meaning of those words is key to surviving those moments in our life that, from the outside, we think we’d never be able to survive. Is it easier said than done? Perhaps, and certainly thinking about it can be incredibly scary. All I’ve learnt in the four years I’ve been married is to try and put all my heart into my vows and enjoy every minute of my relationship. All I want is to make the most of every moment, truly and deeply put an effort into making life special and memorable and always, always express my feelings openly.

So, this is the part where I’d like to hear from you: have you watched The Vow? How would you answer any of the questions above? Do you, like me, think that you don’t say ‘I love you’ enough?

Lots of love to you all, my beautiful brides.

x Betta

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