What an eventful weekend, my friends! My phone dropped in the toilet. Yes. In-the-toilet. You read that right. And the insurance guy wanted all the details from me. I mean, what else is there to explain when I’ve just told  you that I’ve dropped the phone that was in my back pocket in the toilet…? Embarrassing…

Anyway, Saturday I assisted the lovely Melanie from Cranberry Blue Weddings at one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve seen in a while. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with such an amazing, supportive team. And Melanie, well, is the epitome of impeccable taste and incredible professionalism. An absolute dream to work with and definitely a planner I would happily entrust with my own wedding, so if you are thinking of hiring an experienced planner, do contact Melanie (here)!

And lastly, Italy is through to the Euro2012 semi-finals… But I guess you all know that already, so I won’t bore you with my excitement… (sorry!)

Anyway, back to the land of weddings… I’ve realised that one of the most visited feature on Linen & Silk is the post I dedicated to alternative flower girl dresses. It’s been receiving an incredible amount hits, so clearly there is a real appetite for flower girls outfits that are cute, yet less wedding-y and more “child-friendly” (i.e. not a miniature version of the bridal gown).

Looking at today’s offers on Achica I came across, an online baby girl and toddler boutique selling dresses that I thought would made fantastic flower girl outfits at the most respectable price. Girl Dresses, Baby Dresses, Flower Girl, Flower Girls, Flower Girl Dresses, Little Girl Dresses, Nectarina

Linen and Silk WeddingsAll images from Achica

Nectarina imports traditional little girls dresses from small family factories in Spain with the aim of introducing affordable dresses in the marketplace for those parents who want to dress their daughters like little girls, and not like mini adults. I love this about this company as I’m a firm believer that children look cuter when they look like children, so it’s refreshing to see a company selling clothes that make our little princesses look like children.

Nectarina is featured on Achica until this Wednesday, which means that you can grab one of their dresses at reduced price (ranging between £16.00 and £35.00). On their website, you will also find other accessories, including shoes and sandals and hair bands / hats.

Have a lovely week everyone!

xx Betta