Yes, I did not sleep last night. Not that that’s of any interest to you, but the launch of #projectsharm was quite a scary and super exciting step forward, so I’ve had butterflies in my stomach from the moment I announced the launch date on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 🙂

As I promised, today I’ll go deep into my wedding planning services in Sharm el Sheikh and how it’s going to work.

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As for my weddings in the UK and Italy, I apply a minimum fee for full wedding planning services in Sharm el Sheikh too. In this case my minimum fee is 2,500GBP + travel expenses (minimum of 6 nights) or 15% of the wedding budget, whichever is greater. I’ve been debating for a long time whether I should be increasing my minimum fee to include flight & accommodation. However, the cost of flights & hotels in Sharm el Sheikh fluctuates considerably according to season, so it can be difficult to estimate the cost months in advance. I, therefore, felt it would be unfair to charge my clients a set fee, as those costs might end up being much lower than anticipated. By allowing you to cover my costs separately you will have the guarantee that I will not be charging you any more than necessary.

So what services does Linen and Silk Weddings offer?

♥ Full wedding planning: this service is perfect if you are time poor, or would simply like someone that makes it all happen, or you just don’t know where to start with planning your Sharm el Sheikh wedding. Depending on where you live, we will have a face-to-face consultation (in person or Skype) to identify your requirements; I will then come back to you with a proposal giving you a breakdown of the full wedding planning services included in this package, clearly explaining how they will be tailored to your budget and needs. Once you’ve had a chance to review it, you can then ask me any question you need to to ensure you’re satisfied and happy to proceed. In the months leading up to your wedding day I will provide supplier recommendations, handle all the wedding admin related to your wedding, liaise with your suppliers, and finally I will coordinate the actual day to make sure everything goes according to plan, so you can relax knowing that every detail is being taken care of. This service is completely tailored to your needs (charged at 15% of total budget or £2500 minimum fee + flight & accommodation – minimum 6 nights).

♥ On-the-day coordination: if you’ve done all the planning but you need someone to be in charge of executing your plans on the actual day, this service is for you. 4 weeks prior to the wedding I will collect all your suppliers’ details and go through your wedding plans, create a detailed schedule, and finalise your arrangements. I will then coordinate  the day itself to ensure the smooth running and allow you to relax and simply enjoy the day with your family and friends (starting from £1600 + flight & accommodation – minimum 6 nights).

♥ Supplier search: Sharm el Sheikh offers a lot of options, particularly when it comes to wedding venues. While I’ve already narrowed down some key suppliers I’m always keen to work with, I will also be able to conduct bespoke supplier search (Egypt-based or from abroad) based on your needs. All we need to do is have an in-depth conversation about the type of supplier you’re looking for and I will come back to you with a minimum of three recommendations per supplier (starting from £120/supplier).

♥ Partial planning: You might have found most of your suppliers but you need someone to take over the rest of the wedding planning, or perhaps your circumstances have changed and you have decided that after doing some of the planning yourself you now need someone to follow through with the rest of the planning, or maybe you are just finding it hard to coordinate your suppliers and keep on top of the planning. If this is you, then partial planning might be just what you need. Regardless what stage of the planning you are in, I will pick up all the details of your plans, establish contact with your suppliers so that they can continue liaising with me, and release you from the time-consuming tasks, such as admin, budget reconciliations, producing call-sheet, seating plans etc. (POA).

♥ Bespoke consultations: this service is ideal if at any point in your wedding planning process you need guidance, direction or even just reassurance. We can go through your wedding plans to make sure nothing has been missed out, discuss any doubts, suppliers or questions you might have, review your budget plan, or define an accurate schedule. Whatever your needs, I can assist you with face-to-face or Skype meetings chargeable on an hourly basis (charged at £40ph).

♥ Theme visualisation: if you are organised and thrive at the idea of planning the whole wedding but lack the vision, Linen and Silk Weddings can offer style advice and create a moodboard to help you define a theme for your Sharm el Sheikh wedding. We will first meet (face-to-face or Skype) to talk about your wedding, what you like and what you dislike, and all those little details that will help me understand how I can help you create a style and theme that represents you. I will then follow up with a digital moodboard to visualise your theme in terms of colours, patterns, decor, venue style, fabrics and if needed, even bride and groom’s attire (starting from £150) – check out Thursday’s post for some initial inspiration!

Some clients have already approached me asking if I can provide recommendations for guests accommodation, flights, transport or excursions in Sharm el Sheikh while they are there for their wedding. Although I don’t offer tour operators services, I have great contacts in Sharm el Sheikh that will be able to recommend for your trips in Sharm el Sheikh and all the major Egyptian attractions. All you need to do is is letting me know what you need, and I will put you in touch with the relevant company. Please note, these are companies I have used for my own excursions and was happy with their services, prices and health & safety. However, this is entirely based on my personal experience and in no way constitutes professional advice. If you would like more feedback on the local agencies, I suggest you visit Tripadvisor.

What about honeymoons? Once again, I am not a travel agent or tour operator. However, I can recommend the services of an expert travel advisor I often liaise with for my own travelling. Having said that, if what you are looking for is a great hotel in Sharm el Sheikh for your honeymoon, I can certainly offer a 5* recommendation based on my own experience.

I hope this breakdown helps you get an idea of the wedding planning services I can offer for your wedding in Sharm el Sheikh. If any questions, feel free to get in touch with me directly by using the Enquire form in the Get In Touch page or emailing me on

Come back tomorrow to find out the answer to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions!

xx Betta