Destination wedding, Wedding in Italy, Linen and Silk Weddings, Wedding fan, Destination wedding plannerIn the last few weeks I have received a number of enquiries for destination weddings that all seemed to follow a very similar pattern: couples requesting to get married  in Italy,  on a Saturday, in the most popular months of the year. While some of these enquiries haven’t progressed, I often check feasibility of their requests with the local venues that I think would be the right fit prior to sending the proposal. This is for my peace of mind more than anything, because the reality is, as a bespoke wedding planner, I don’t automatically default to specific wedding suppliers I already know; it certainly helps to have a number of suppliers on my books, but offering a bespoke service means that my supplier search spans above and beyond the list of suppliers I already know until I find the perfect fit for my couple. Regardless of this, however, it always helps to contact two or three venues you already know to check what availability they have. When I contacted some of the venues for the couples I had a consultation with, however, there seemed to be a trend: all Saturdays in May, June and September were already booked. A few have even struggled to find available Fridays and have offered Thursdays and Sundays instead.

So this is a short and sweet post to remind you, brides and grooms who are thinking of getting married in Italy, to find a wedding planner or begin searching for your wedding venue earlier than 6 to 9 months in advance, particularly if the month you’d like to get married in is May, June or September.

Why am I not mentioning July and August? Believe it or not, Italians are not big on getting married in July or August. These two months can be quite hot in Italy, and since Italians do have the choice of getting married whenever they want, as they are not affected by school holidays or cost of travel and accommodation, they prefer milder months, either in spring, early July or at the end of summer. Also, August is the month of summer holiday for the vast majority of Italians, so it can be a bit tricky to request the presence of 100 or so guests at your wedding when people are likely to be on vacation.

For all of these reasons, if you have no choice but to begin your venue search no earlier than 6-9 months before your big day, you are more likely to get availability in the second half of July and throughout the whole of August.

However, there a few notes of caution you need to bear in mind:

 as I’ve mentioned, August is the holiday month for most of the country. This means that non-touristic cities (i.e. Milan) often turn into ghost towns – people are away, and the majority of shops and restaurants are closed. If your guests are planning to use your wedding as an opportunity to have a little break in Italy, they might be disappointed to find out that your wedding destination is so quiet there is hardly anything to do. Cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome, and any of the major touristic towns along the coast, lakes or on the islands (such as Sicily, the Amalfi coast & Sorrento, Puglia etc.) will, instead, be very lively at that time of the year, as July and August is when they thrive on tourism. So fear not as you still have a huge choice of destinations! My best recommendation is to liaise with your wedding planner ASAP to find a destination that meets your needs, is accessible and is also lively enough for your guests to enjoy a nice break

Destination wedding, Wedding in Italy, Linen and Silk Weddings, Wedding fan, Destination wedding planner temperatures in July and August can be rather high, often around 30-35C during the day. While this is something most people can handle quite easily, do bear this in mind if you have elderly people or small children at your wedding. Perhaps order some parasols and fans and ensure that you have small bottles of water readily available before and after your ceremony (particularly if your ceremony is in the open)

♥ July and August are probably the most suitable months for you to get married because, with children on summer break, it’s the only time your family and friends with children can attend. Conversely, July and August are also peak holiday season, which means that air fairs and hotels are more expensive than any other time in the year. Long gone are the days when you could get the best deals at the last minute, particularly when it comes to low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet. So, if budget is an issue but you still want to get married in Italy in July or August, plan well in advice and provide your guests info on accommodation and flights as early as possible

I hope this is useful information and if you are in need of a planner for your Italian wedding, don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me a line via my Enquiry form.

xoxo Betta

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