Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of a day that no one will ever forget. As every year goes by, you’d think that the memory of where you were in the instant when you heard of the terrorist attack would fade away. Yet every year is as vivid as always. It will probably be the same in 50 years time when our grandchildren will be telling us that they are studying 9/11 in their history books and will ask us if we remember it.

I don’t want to dwell on this tragic day. A lot of talking has been made around it. A lot of tears have been shed and will continue to be shed. People are still suffering emotionally; many are suffering physically. This is not something that anyone will ever be able to forget, but some people would rather not read and hear about it wherever the look, because doing so just makes the wound stay open.

So forgive me if I sound insensitive, but I want to start the week fresh and make no mention on 9/11 again.

Lots of love to our readers who have been affected, directly or indirectly.

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I hope that today’s post is not going to cause upset with wedding vendors, so before you read below please note: I am the biggest supporter of small independent businesses. I myself am self-employed and base my business model on being able to offer a unique, tailored service to lovely brides who put trust in me and allow me to help them plan their weddings, so I for one know very well how disappointing it would be if another company of a different nature invaded my business realm just because they think they are more convenient to couples.

However,  I also know for experience that sometimes unforeseen occurrences will either rob you of your time or money, forcing you to run around looking for last-minute ideas or accessories to decorate your wedding venue, or bring together a theme. When that happened to me (I arrived in Italy 5 days before my wedding and found that apart from flowers, nothing else had been done to decorate the tables), there was only one place where I knew I could find all the things I needed at a short notice and without breaking the bank: IKEA.

My advice, as usual, would be to try and plan all the decor ideas as early as possible, so that you can really give yourself time to find those quirky and unique bits that you certainly cannot find in large stores. However IKEA was my saviour and it could potentially be your saviour too if you are running out of time and need a few neutral pieces.

I’ve looked at IKEA’s recent catalogue and found a few cute accessories that you might find useful.

To start with, have a look at this pretty, soft pink candle holder. At first I thought it was a drinking glass. It was only when I saw the description and looked closely at the picture that I realised it is actually a scented candle in a glass. I love the colour and the design. It’s elegant and chic, and it would work really well in both a vintage inspired wedding or a more traditional, sophisticated setting.

On the vintage theme, I’ve put together a small selection of decoration pieces that you could use for several purposes. I’ve included the name and price to give you an idea of the cost involved should you need to buy several pieces (for instance, the frames could be used as table names, in which case, if you have 10 tables, it would cost you £42.90 and would leave you with 10 pretty frames to keep or give away).

For a more modern feel, the black frame below could be used as a table plan for the couple who is expecting to have around 12-15 tables at the reception (if you have 12 tables, you can fill the remaining slots in the frame with two or three pretty pictures of you and your husband-to-be). The white frame  is also a really versatile object – as a table name or menu holder on each table, or if you have a buffet instead of a sit down meal, you can use it to describe each dish on the food table or signal the vegetarian section.

These cute lamps (a floor lamp on the right and a table lamp on the left) are simple but effective ideas to create a soft atmosphere to a cold, industrial-like reception venue (do check if you are allowed to plug in anything of this sort before purchasing; many places might tell you that as long as you ensure that the wires are not dangerous -i.e. they don’t make anyone trip- it should be fine).

So if you are running out of time, money, and ideas, a trip to IKEA might just be what you need. But if I’m completely honest, IKEA is the last resort for me. If you’re looking for a vintage theme, there are great vendors where you can hire vintage equipment. Otherwise you can pick up original pieces for incredible price at local car boot sales, antique markets or even eBay.

Do you have any favourite place for wedding decoration pieces that don’t break the bank? If yes, why not share the love with our readers?

Have a lovely week!

x Betta

Image Credits: 

All images via IKEA website.

What is what:

  • LÖNSBODA: Scented candle in glass, light pink £3.39 Article Number: 201.525.30 When the candle has burnt itself out the glass cup can be used as a tealight holder.
  • SKIMMER: Candlestick, glass, silver-colour £9.99 Article Number:  601.032.22 Mouth blown; each candle holder is shaped by a skilled craftsman.
  • KVILL: Frame, white £4.29 Article Number: 201.856.82 Can be used hanging or standing, both horizontally and vertically, to fit in the space available.
  • KVILL: Frame, white £4.29 Article Number:  001.856.83 Can be used hanging or standing to fit in the space available.
  • LEENDE: Carafe, white £4.99 Article Number:  301.872.42 Mouth blown; each piece is unique.
  • SKURAR: Plant pot, off-white £1.99 Article Number: 201.861.01
  • RIBBA: Frame for 15 pictures, black £19.99 Article Number: 001.284.09 Holds 1 picture 60x80cm (23,5×31,5″) or 9 pictures 10x15cm (4×6″) and 6 pictures 9x13cm (3,5×5″).
  • TOLSBY: Frame for 2 pictures, white £0.79 Article Number: 301.510.35
  • FILLSTA: Diffused Light £56.99 Article Number: 801.550.07
  • FILLSTA: Table lamp, orange. Soft mood light £9.99  Article Number: 101.550.15
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