As I write this I have a little tear coming down my eyes… And it’s all because of the great job PGP Wedding has done one more time, showing us in such an eloquent way the love, happiness and fun this amazing couple experienced on their wedding day.

I’ll never be tired to tell you how much I enjoy watching PGP Wedding‘s videos. They are as good as movie trailers; they tell the story and give you the emotion, all in just four minutes. I cry every single time I watch one of their films – sometimes I even cry every time I re-watch the same video which could be up to 10 times!

Today, however, I’m going to be super generous. It’s Saturday, you are relaxing, and so rather than making you read a long post, I’ll give you two videos by PGP Wedding for you to indulge in.

The first video is Kim & Jeff’s. This loving, funny couple (oh, I love their sense of humour, including daddy-o’s!) were married on 28th May at Islington United Church in Canada, where Jeff’s parents had previously been married. They had their photo shoot at the Adamson Estates after which a quick trip to “The Harp” pub for a rest stop and onto their very fun reception at Romas Banquet facilities.

Jason from PGP Wedding told us that this couple was absolutely amazing to work with, with Kim doing her best to enjoy their wedding day to the max (we love a bride that isn’t shy!).

Enjoy this brilliant video, and if you fancy some more, at 2pm this afternoon I’ll have another new wedding highlight video, this time for Kim & Nuno (sweet!).

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

Kim & Jeff – Highlight from PGP Studios

xx Betta

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