You know how sometimes you come across one of those initiatives that sound so interesting you just want to join in? Well in this case I don’t have the credentials to participate, but I do have the tools to support it, so although this is not strictly wedding related, I have decided to bring it to you anyhow, because I know that in this industry there are lots of incredibly talented, creative souls, who are also mothers and housewives.

The initiative I’m talking about is fresh, creative and can actually do a lot of good to those who participate… It’s called Desperate Artwives and it’s the baby of conceptual artist and mother of two Amy Dignam.

Amy graduated from Central St Martin in 2005. Dictated by the need to support herself financially and by the fact that job prospects for conceptual artists are not exactly flourishing, Amy ended up having to take up a job that is not even remotely near her artistic ambitions. A few years on and Amy is now married, has two gorgeous girls and is still in the same job. She is a housewife, mother and part-time employee, but at heart she is also an artist who is looking for an opportunity to keep her passion going.

Meditating on her situation, Amy realised that there are plenty of women in exactly the same situation – women that continue to produce incredible work behind closed doors while they feed their babies, support their husbands and chase a job that pays the bills but doesn’t satisfy their creative needs. These women need a voice and an outlet.

Desperate Artwives

Ruth Gray (acrylic and tissue paper/coloured pencil). Artwork is inspired by nature from old memories. Ruth's abstract work is never from a photograph.

What if we created a movement to celebrate these talented women? What if we could find a way to collect the work of these women and then look for an opportunity to exhibit their work? In answering these questions, Amy created ‘Desperate Artwives‘, a movement, a website and a collection of work that will eventually be sifted and shortlisted for a London exhibition.

Desperate Artwives

Monica Forsberg (Pen on Paper). Quick sketches made at Hampstead Heath lido. They're the beginning of a project about love for people watching.

Although in its very early stages, Desperate Artwives has already caught the attention of the Women’s Art Library and other associations who have shown interest to support Amy’s initiative. These are exciting times for DAW and, as it is gathering momentum, it would be great to give it as much support as possible.

Desperate Artwives

"Concrete" (photographs), Emma Finchley. Notions of memories, loss, longing.

So, if you are a creative woman with a passion for art (regardless of which form) and you’re also a mother or wife who doesn’t currently work in the art industry, but continues to produce excellent work that could be showcased at the Desperate Artwives exhibition, then take part!

If, like me, you are not a creative type but know people who are or have the means to support this initiative in any way (i.e. by blogging, tweeting, facebooking it or even by sponsoring it), then please, please, please do.

If none of the above, then please at least leave a comment in support of this empowering initiative.

For more information, please visit:

Desperate Artwives

Desperate Artwives

Image credit: Desperate Artwives logo (sewing pouch): Jas Townsend & Son.Inc

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