Good morning lovelies,

This morning I wanted to share with you a gorgeous colour combination as inspiration for your wedding. Lilac & Lime make me HAPPY! It’s so bright and so much fun! It adds a touch of modernity to your wedding and I feel it’s a perfect combination for any season. But (sorry, there’s always a but!) beware of colour clashes with your venue! I would envisage this in a very linear and muted environment, NOT in the type of venue with red carpets or dark coloured walls. You want your colour scheme to stand out, not go to war with other colours in the room.

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And these gorgeous lime and lilac dresses?! Erm… YES PLEASE! I got married in a subtle pink dress, so perhaps I’m a bit biased, but why should lilac be just a bridesmaids colour?!

Hope you like today’s colour combination ūüôā

xx Betta

Credits:¬†‘Wimbledon’ bouquet by¬†Jane Packer¬†/¬†Place setting, image via Pinterest, originally from Real Living¬†/¬†Lime dress via¬†Always Dream Infinity¬†/ Cake, via Aisle Dash by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes¬†/¬†Lilac dress via¬†Style Me Pretty, photography by Matthew Lee of¬†CLY Creation¬†/¬†Lilac gown Givenchy Spring 2011 Haute Couture via Cool Spooters¬†/¬†Stars N’ Rockets Purple with pink pearl¬†MAC Eyeshadow¬†/¬†Bitter Vivid green with shimmer MAC Eyeshadow