5 years have gone since this day, the day my father officially handed me to this man. “I’m giving you a rose”, he said, “a rose is the most beautiful flower in the garden. You have to treat her with care. But also remember that a rose has a lot of thorns. And so has my daughter. ” {yep, I had to translate this. And yes, my dad has a twisted sense of humour}.

10.5 years with Floyd. 5 of these married. And to this day I still wonder what made him choose a rose with so many thorns and imperfections…

I’m moody.
I cry all the time because I cannot resolve the problems of the people I love. And I get mad at him because he can’t either (how unfair is that?!).
I nag. Like, all the time.
I get annoyed if he taps his fingers on the table (ummm… hello?! I’ve married a drummer!).
I’m impatient. And I always leave him behind (yes, I do know I’ve married a Jamaican…).
I have the most annoying high-pitch voice and speak stupidly fast when I get angry (thanks, mum. I’ve learnt this from you).
I remember every single little word that comes out of his mouth. And I will use it against him at the most convenient times.
I am ‘Miss Knows It All’.
And I like to have the last word. Always.

So today, on our 5th anniversary, instead of saying “I love you”, I will say “THANK YOU“. Because I say “I love you” every day. But I don’t say “Thank You” enough.

Thank you, Floyd, for being crazy enough to want to share the rest of your life with me. You could have had a beautiful flower with no thorns. Instead you’ve chosen the most difficult-to-handle flower in the garden… You’re crazy, but for this I love you and I’m grateful.

Happy 5th anniversary!

x Betta