Speaking in front of a camera isn’t second, let alone first, nature to me. I am so conscious of my accent it’s ridiculous, but I am bursting with things I want to share with you, so in the hope that I am going to get better and better (and that I won’t get bashed for this first, mediocre, attempt) at recording videos, I’m sharing with you my very first pre-planned Facebook Live with tips on how to find a venue for your destination wedding.

I know how frustrating it can be when Google returns with 1 million and nine hundred thousand results. Let’s be honest, unless you’re at home doing nothing, finding a wedding venue abroad is incredibly time consuming, even more so when you have to deal with a country where people don’t speak english fluently!

So in this 15 minutes video I have narrowed down a few of my top tips on how find and shortlist a number of destination venues for your wedding abroad.

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Fly high, my love, and stay grounded!