20140620-054639-20799657.jpgJust want to say ‘Sabah el khier’ (good morning!) from Sharm El Sheikh!

I arrived at the Sultan Gardens Resort, a 5* hotel in Sharks Bay, Sharm, last night, where one of my couples will be getting married. This is the view from my room this morning. And this will be the backdrop of my couple’s ceremony… Needless to say, it’s magical!

So far the Sultan Gardens have given me an amazing welcome, with both receptionist and concierge speaking Italian as well as English (and I bet they speak a few more languages too!), a lovely dinner, cocktail and a great view! I’ll talk about my sleep when I finally get some… I’m still in adrenalin rush mode so I have stayed up all night waiting for the sun to come out.

So, from a hot Sharm el Sheikh (and when I say hot, I mean piping, even at 5.45am!), have a fabulous day!

xoxo Betta
Ps: Apologies for the low res image, but this was taken from my iPhone…