Today I want to share with you some prettyness from the lovely For Her and For Him.

Laura at For Her and For Him alerted me last week of a couple of amazing offers they have introduced to celebrate their launch. I think they are pretty amazing, and to be honest, if I were a size smaller (ok, maybe two sizes smaller), I would no doubt take it up (note to myself: stop being lazy and go to the gym!).

I’ve asked Laura to share with us some more information regarding the concept behind their company and details about these two incredible offers. I’ve also received some pretty pictures of their gorgeous dresses. Have a look, and head to their website to order your free sample dress (wait, did I say free? Yep, I did…!)

For Her and For Him

We believe that life’s special moments should be celebrated in style and made perfect down to the very last detail – without costing the earth or causing a lot of stress! We specialize in high quality products at fabulously reasonable prices. We’re here to provide our customers with gorgeous party dresses, elegant wedding dresses, dazzling accessories and much much more, helping our clients look and feel their absolute best.

We’re a friendly and helpful bunch of wedding and party obsessives, here to advise, entertain, inform and inspire through our blog, online store, and the friendly online community we’re building up around us. From wedding day, to happily ever after – we’re here to help you fashion your wonderful life. To celebrate our launch, we are running two exciting promotions. For both, you just need to take a couple of minutes to register on our site, then follow a couple of simple steps:

Sample Dress Giveaway

With the sample dress promo, we are giving away sample dresses for free, provided you upload a photo of yourself in the dress within 48 hours of receiving it. So basically, you choose a dress, and all you pay for is the shipping. Nothing else will be charged to you, as long as you upload the photos. In one purchase, you can only choose one sample dress. There are a lot of gorgeous dresses to choose from, so this is a great deal if you aren’t too camera shy!

Colourful Dress

Colourful Bridesmaids and party dresses

Colourful bridesmaids and party dresses

$50 coupons for 1000 lucky people

With the $50 coupon promo, you simply have to register, then you’re taken to a page for sharing our store on either Facebook or Twitter. So if you share it on Facebook you get a $50 coupon; if you share it on Twitter you get a $50 coupon. You can share it in more than 1 way, meaning you can get 2 coupons, but only one coupon can be used per purchase. Pretty easy really, and a great way to save a bit of money! We have a range of accessories for under $50, so you could choose something and only have to pay for shipping.


(this is my absolute favourite!)

So which one do you like?

This is just a small selection of For Her and For Him dresses. I really like their products and more importantly I’m impressed with their prices. If you are on a budget or are looking for a more comfortable dress to get changed into without spending a fortune, For Her and For Him have got an incredible selection.

For Her and For Him also have a pretty blog full of inspiration.

Thank you Laura for sharing these offers with our readers!

Image credits: For Her and For Him

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