On Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely ladies for a spot of afternoon tea.

When Rebecca at Florence Finds announced on her blog that she was planning Afternoon Tea in London, I jumped at the chance. I’ve recently missed out on a few cool events, so I really fancied meeting a few lovely ladies for a relaxing afternoon of champagne (not me, I opted for the most refreshing lemonade I had in a loooong time) tea, scones and macaroons.

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The lovely Rebecca chose Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross as our venue and she couldn’t have chosen better. We had the whole of the basement for ourselves, a long table set up with vintage china, lace table-cloth, and, once all the girls had arrived, lots of sandwiches, macaroons, scones and chocolate truffles… Girls’ heaven!

I must admit, when I first arrived I was ridiculously nervous! I spent practically the whole day getting ready and yet I still felt uncomfortable with what I was wearing! All I could think of was: if these girls read Florence Finds, they obviously have good taste, so chances are they will all be perfectly polished! After two sleepless nights due to Mr L&S’ phone ringing non-stop for his night shift, the dark circles under my eyes were as black as they could possibly be, and no matter how much concealer I used, I still looked like I got run over by a truck! Not a good look!

Anyway, back to the girls. As I was walking across Kings Cross I spotted a girl sporting a lovely crop and full fringe, pleated (I think!) coral skirt, greenish-turquoise top, and a baby blue swatch… As I looked at her I immediately thought: “She is a Florence Finds girl!” And indeed she was- the lovely Victoriahas some great tales about married life that reminded me of how most marriages and girls seem to be the same! So when I deny my husband usage of my expensive face cream, I will no longer feel guilty – why wasting our expensive face cream on someone who thinks using Vaseline or Clarins Beauty Flash Balm makes no difference?!

Mrs Florence Finds, the lovely Rebecca herself, was just as I imagined her to be: über stylish, confident and yet so down to earth. I love meeting the people behind some of my favourite blogs (Michelle, Jasmine, when am I going to meet you?! Wishful thinking, eh?)… It brings you closer to the blog and creates some sort of emotional connection. So when Rebecca next tackles the issue about friendship or life priorities on her blog, it will take me back to a couple of conversations we had on that lovely Saturday afternoon…

Forence Finds, Rebecca Norris, Afternoon Tea, Wedding Bloggers, Wedding Blog, Drink Shop Do, Bloggers Meetup, Blog Meetup

In fact, we did have some great conversations… we talked about the awkwardness of meeting someone you’ve never met before and behaving like grown ups – don’t worry Anna I won’t tell them what you replied! 😉 We also found that a few of us are at a stage in life where their best friends are no longer around (perhaps they’ve moved, got married, had children, or changed career) and despite having grown into mature women, we all seem to miss our girlfriends, the ones with capital G, the friend you call at the most ridiculous time and won’t get upset, the one who comes shopping with you and gives you unbiased advice if your bum does look big in those trousers! Perhaps it’s a 30yo-ForenceFinds-Girl syndrome? The thing is, we all seemed so similar I felt like I was talking to someone who’s known me for ages!

We didn’t exchange business cards, so I’m relying on Rebecca to have listed on her blog all who attended. So thank you, Gemma, Victoria (girls, I loved chatting to you!), Anna K (so bubbly! You have the confidence I wish I had around people I don’t know), Anna (SO good to see you again and can’t wait for an afternoon of scheming!), Becca, Anna R, Rachel, Bex and Katie (you are just as sweet as I imagined you to be – so lovely to meet you in person!), Anna M, Diane, and Sian for the lovely afternoon!

And a huge thank you to Rebecca for organising it and looking after us. Looking forward to meeting you again soon!

Forence Finds, Rebecca Norris, Afternoon Tea, Wedding Bloggers, Wedding Blog, Drink Shop Do, Bloggers Meetup, Blog Meetup

All pics are from my trusted iPhone 3GS (hence the poor quality!)