The UK offers amazing country manors and beautiful churches, and for those who like urban chic, London truly has some of the most über-cool locations. The options are infinite, and couples in the UK can honestly say that they are spoilt for choice… that is if they have £20k+ to spend and don’t mind having to wear wellies and holding brollies on the day…

Talking to friends who can’t make their mind up regarding whether they should get married at home or abroad, I’ve realised that the main reason why they often toy with this idea has probably got much to do with the fact that, if they go ahead with a traditional wedding, they would need to do most of the organising themselves and ultimately they just don’t know where to start. And quite frankly, unless you’ve already helped a friend or you have an army of super-willing friends and family keen to help you, organizing your wedding on your own can feel slightly overwhelming.
So it is no surprise that, according to a recent Mintel report, the number of weddings abroad has been rising, now reaching about 18% of all weddings. Can we blame them? Exotic weddings can be considerably cheaper, sunnier, stress-free, and offer the opportunity to transition smoothly into a relaxing honeymoon without having to embark on another long-haul flight. However, there are drawbacks to getting married abroad and it is something anyone entertaining the idea should consider.
Package weddings abroad can often be around 60% cheaper than a traditional wedding in the UK. The hotel/operator takes care of most of the elements and will also cover (sometimes for an additional charge) things like pictures, flowers and wedding reception. Because the weather is usually good in the most popular wedding destinations, you may choose a ceremony on the beach or in the stunning gardens of a hotel on top of a cliff. BUT…

How many of your friends and family will actually be able to afford the trip? When I got married I clearly remember thinking that I wanted exclusive people, only those who loved me deeply. And the thought of my parents inviting their friends, people that I wasn’t even that close to, was just not worth entertaining. Looking back, I realize that while your wedding day is YOUR day, it is also a day of joy and happiness for your parents which they too may want to share with people they are close to. Of course, if you are paying entirely for your wedding, you do have the right to select the people who are coming, but months later you will feel upset with yourself if you have denied your parents the chance to have their own special friends to share their joy with them.

This is not to say that if you choose to get married abroad even with just 20 people you won’t have an amazing experience. It will definitely be a day to remember, but looking back you may end up regretting not having some of the friends who couldn’t afford the trip.

If you are interested in reading about more draw backs of getting married abroad, I will post more soon, so watch this space!