You know what they say, any excuse for a party! 

Whether you’re planning a party or brand event, I have the expertise to help you bring it all together, professionally, with effortless sophistication and a drive to deliver something that is authentically you. 

I specialise in planning parties for:

» celebrations – i.e. engagements, pre- and post-wedding events, wedding anniversaries, baby showers and retirement parties;

» brand and corporate events – i.e. product launches, influencer events, retreats, styling and business dinners in exclusive locations.


As an international event planner, my specialty is planning incredible parties and corporate events in exclusive destinations in the UK, Italy, Egypt and beyond. My expertise is in knowing how to pull together the right team of suppliers regardless of the destination, so there are almost no limits to the countries I will go to for my own clients. The key for me is perfect planner–client alignment.

My events are boutique, intimate and exclusive.

If that’s what you’re after, then we’re definitely on the same wave length!



My event clients are busy bees – they can’t afford to be involved in every single decision during the planning of their event, so taking the time to get to know you well right at the start is crucial. The level of your involvement is entirely at your discretion, but rest assured, every aspect is tailored to your needs so that your event is unequivocally you.  


Cookie cutter isn’t my thing. I look at every event with a creative eye and search far and wide for the perfect venue and the most awesome suppliers who will help me deliver imaginative, impeccably executed events. Food, music, decorations, entertainment… even sound and smell – they are all thoughtfully brought together to create a truly memorable and immersive experience.


My style and communication might be more on the relaxed side, but behind the scene there is a knack for precise schedules, military style timelines and meticulous attention to details. You don’t always get to see it – what matters is that my suppliers do so that as a team we can flawlessly deliver the perfect event.


Yes, you’ve read that right… There are some types of events I don’t actually cover. Specifically this is: birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas and New Year parties and generally speaking any party that is related to religious festivities. You’ll find better planners for those and if you’d like a recommendation, feel free to hit me up and I’ll connect you to fellow colleagues.


The only thing left to do is getting in touch with me now. Head over to my contact page and fill in the contact form by selecting Private Party or Brand Event under the type of event. Do provide as much information as possible so I am able to fast-track your enquiry and book you in for a informal chat with me.