20130625-102423.jpgGood morning lovelies! In line with yesterday’s post about me blogging more freely about the less technical side of weddings, and more about the things that define me and my passion for weddings, here’s a post that might be more of interest to suppliers.

I don’t know about you, but when I meet couples for consultations I always wonder if the coffee shop / bar / venue I chose was the right one. I often see posts in The London Wedding Club (if you are a London wedding supplier, do come and join this friendly Facebook group) where colleagues ask if anyone has a venue recommendation for a client consultation. So today I thought I’d share the location I used for last night’s client meeting.20130625-102753.jpgBased in Southwark Street, just 7 or 8 minutes’ walk from London Bridge tube and overground stations, this venue is called The Refinery. It’s located right outside the Blue Fin building, home to several offices and large companies, so as you can imagine, they are used to business meetings, which for me is a huge plus, because one thing I hate during a client meeting is waiters constantly interrupting the conversation checking if you need anything else.20130625-102922.jpgI booked the table in the afternoon and asked for a nice quiet spot, and was not disappointed. They gave me a lovely table for three people in the bar area – music wasn’t loud and the position of the table (right at the end of the room) gave us enough privacy to talk freely about their wedding without being overheard by others.

The Refinery has quite a choice of cocktails, wines and soft drinks (but me being me, I always stick to still water – boring, I know!) and something I like is that you need to go up to the bar to make your order, so once again, no waiters interrupting you, and it gives you a chance to let your couple settle in while you go and get them a drink. 20130625-103145.jpgIt helps that decor is nice too… It’s a mix of rustic industrial, with accents of Danish interior design, something I really appreciate.

Overall, I was quite pleased with my choice for last night’s consultation, and if convenient for my potential new clients, I will certainly go back.

Do you have any recommendations for client consultations? Or, if you are a bride and/or groom, in what kind of place would you expect to meet your suppliers? This is something that interests me as it allows me to get an idea of whether meeting at the home of the couple is something I should consider, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Baci e abbracci,