Talking about inspiration… I’ve been an Elle subscriber for the past 5 years. Looking at fashion trends and what conversations are hot outside the wedding world is one of the best sources of inspiration, but in the last year I don’t think I have been able to pick up an issue and go through it beginning to end.

My resolution for this autumn is to stop this nonsense and carve out time from my schedule to sit down and actually go through the magazines I subscribe to (Living Etc. being the other).

Fashion and interior design should be a point of reference for wedding planners (or at least for those who do enjoy the creative side as much as the coordination), so no more feeling guilty for sitting down and spending time reading magazines. If I don’t, I’m doing a disservice to myself and my couples.

I’m curious to hear about you, my readers. What makes you inspired, regardless of whether you are a bride or a wedding supplier or none of the two? What makes you feel reinvigorated and full of new ideas? And do you struggle like me to make it a priority?

xo Betta