It’s no secret that I’ve caught the travel bug, but unfortunately for me circumstances don’t allow us to physically travel as much as I’d like to (that is, other every month!)… Nothing stops me from mentally travelling to faraway countries, though! I’ve recently spent a lot of time looking at Asian and Middle Eastern influences, as I often feel slightly overwhelmed by the pastel colours and ‘safe’ elegance we Westerns often opt for. I, for one, am guilty of it, but as I delve deeper into a work project that I’m hoping to unveil at the end of this year, I’m feeling more and more attracted by the craziness of colours and extravaganza of our Eastern counterparts.

After spending a WHOLE night looking at the work of these guys, The Wedding Filmer – Mumbai-based wedding movie makers (sorry, but the term ‘videographer’ doesn’t even scratch the surface!), I felt so incredibly inspired I then spent another night researching different styles of mandap or wedding altars, and collected my absolute favourites in the inspiration board below. [thank you Kismet {Unreal Bride} for introducing The Wedding Filmer to me!].
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My favourite are actually the most simple versions, like the one in the top or bottom left images on my board. Flower curtains are also an amazing idea to steal if you want an alternative summery backdrop for your celebration. And if extravagance is your thing, then check out the chandelier hanging off the centre of mandap in the landscape image!

So, the question is: I’m based in the UK, where am I ever going to be able to have a Mandap for my wedding? Well, with so many couples now opting for bespoke humanist ceremonies (check out Zena Birch if you’re looking for an independent celebrant), there is practically no limit to where you can have a mandap – a park, a beach, a forest, the grounds of a mansion, your back garden, or even indoors… It really doesn’t matter, as this kind of ceremonies give you the freedom to get married wherever you like, so don’t dismiss the idea outright.

As if a mandap is not for you, but what you’re thinking of is a vibrant, colourful wedding, then spend some time on Pinterest looking at Asian weddings for inspiration. If you don’t know where to start, here‘s my board with a few more mandap ideas!

Baci e abbracci!


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