I’m a great believer that on her wedding day a woman has to stay true to herself. The temptation is usually to turn up dressed like a princess, and often look like someone you are not. In our mind we think that, for once, we want to look impeccable, perfect, fairy-like. And yet, more often than not, women forget that even on their wedding day the choices they make of dress, flowers, make up, hair, and even shoes, allow us to show who we really are, having the power to either make us feel clumsy and flustered, or relaxed and comfortable. Your wedding day is the one day where the only memory you should have is of how much fun you had and how romantic it was, and not how impossible it was to sit on a chair with the big wire frame sitting under your skirt.

Quite a few years ago, a friend of mine told me that she was looking for shoes for her wedding, but just couldn’t see anything that made her feel like: “Yes, That’s the one!”. She is a creative person, with a fun sense of humour, eclectic and somewhat unconventional. Her romantic side came out when she decided to go for a traditional column dress. She looked stunning and made her feel comfortable. But in my mind, I was wondering whether her artistic side could actually come out through her choice of shoes. So, I suggested red shoes… And red shoes it was! And with the red shoes she matched a red necklace, and with the red necklace she matched red roses. The overall look was amazing and made her truly look like herself.

If you do decide to do something out of the norm with your dress or attire in general, do keep in mind a few simple rules:

  • Don’t forget that a touch of madness is allowed on your wedding day, provided it represents or tells something about yourself, and doesn’t make you look like you are trying too hard (i.e. “My big fat gypsy wedding”). Harmony and good taste should still be a must!
  • Think accessories – they are great at showing your personality without taking away from you the pleasure of wearing a romantic wedding dress.
  • If you are planning to be slightly unconventional, check how your H2B feels about it (without revealing too much, that is!)… Believe it or not, men do care about what we look like or what we will wear on our wedding day. If on my wedding day I wore a ball gown type of dress with a long train, my husband would have certainly still loved and married me, but would have also been slightly disappointed. Your future hubby might also be thinking of wearing a traditional morning suit with blue tie, which, let’s face it, would be completely at odd if you decided to wear leopard shoes…

Whatever you decide to do, however, do make sure that you still look like the bride! Nowadays I see more and more female guests attempting to wear white or ivory dresses despite not being the mother of the bride or Pippa Middleton! So don’t let someone outshine you. After all you and your husband are the two most important people on that day, so make sure that while you try to stay true to yourself, you don’t just look like one of the guests of honour or one of your bridesmaids.