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Blog relaunch day is fast approaching and I can’t wait to show you what’s in store for Linen and Silk! Lots of other good news on the way too, which I hope it’s going to take both the blog and the wedding planning business to a new level.

But for now…

I’m thrilled to introduce you to wedding films producers @motion productions.

Thrilled because, if you have been following this blog for a while, you surely know that I particularly love wedding videography, something that more often than not is done too amateurially. Long gone is the cheesy fading – this new generation of wedding videographers know how to make films, not videos, that tell the story and make you live the moment as if you were there.

I’m also in love with this video because this real wedding is set in Italy, my homeland, and gives you a glimpse of the incredibly beautiful settings Italy offers to couples choosing it as their own wedding destination.

I’ve asked Steve at @motion productions to give me their impressions on this wedding, and here’s what he’s told me:

This was our first time in Tuscany. You hear of the natural beauty but nothing really prepares you for how striking it really is. Straight away we knew we just had to capture the scenery along with our typical atmosphere and emotion of the wedding. 
Louisa and Anthony told us we were free to shoot the day as we saw fit, the only thing they did stipulate was that a photograph of Louisa’s late father be worked into the film. Once we heard of the plan to release messages on balloons at sunset we knew this was the perfect scene to integrate her father’s photograph.
It also gave us an opportunity to use a Katie Herzig track that wouldn’t normally be appropriate for a wedding. It’s amaxing how the lyrics tie into the visuals, especially at the sunset.
This shoot was about so many small elements coming together to create a really memorable trailer, even the colour scheme the couple chose was just perfect against such a striking sunset!
We felt incredibly lucky to film something that videographers really can’t plan for. Right place, right time, right couple. We are so privileged to have so many opportunities to shoot destination weddings, but Tuscany with Louisa & Anthony was a truly unforgettable experience.
Thank you @motion for sharing this emotional trailer with us. I watched this video quite a few times, and each time it made me smile, it made me fall in love with this stunning location – its olive trees, the vineyards, the hills…
We wish Louisa and Anthony a lot of happiness for the future!

Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

Information about @motion productions@motion are a London based production company specialising in artistic, handcrafted wedding films. They have a strong passion for creative and cinematic filmmaking gained through years of working in major broadcast TV and feature films. To get in touch:

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  • Twitter: @motion_prods
  • Tel: 020 8445 0734; 07718 893716

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