Good morning my dear brides,

I just wanted to give you a quick sneak peek into what’s coming on the blog next week….

I’ve been lacking submissions recently and just as I started to get a tad worried, I’ve received a couple of lovely submissions from the other side of the world… almost the other side… one from Tenerife, the other from Fiji!

So next week I’ll be sharing with you a double love shoot by Canary Island photographer Quim Leon (on the blog tomorrow), and on Thursday I’ll have a DIY wedding from Fiji shared with us by wedding coordinator Tamara Nicole.

Quim Leon, Tenerife photographer, love shoot double session

Image ©: Quim Leon

Maxine Toh Photography, Fiji, Wedding, Tamara Nicole

Image © Maxine Toh Photography 

Have a great Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😉


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