If you may remember, some time ago I mentioned how I wanted to feature less and less love and eshoots and focus more on real weddings… Well, Linen and Silk has received some pretty stunning love shoots recently, so it’s been extremely hard for me to make that transition. And quite frankly, as long as this is the beauty that keeps coming through, there is no need for me to stop featuring them at all!

Todays eshoot is courtesy of Hilary Cam Photography. Roslyn and Andrew, from New South Wales, Australia, decided to have their engagement shoot somewhere romantic so they pocked up a row boat and paddled up the river, where they were chased by ducks and photographer alike 😉 Inspired by pastel roses, flower crowns and a secluded lakeside, they also created a whimsical scene at their next stop with flower arrangements with succulents.

While taking photos at the trees along the foreshore a playful fox bounded past the couple and looked quizzically at our shoot in progress before vanishing into the grass.

Wishing Roslyn and Andrew a fantastic time and long lasting happiness!

xx Betta