My first encounter with a photo booth was a couple of years ago at a friend’s wedding. Never heard of it before. At least not at weddings I’d gone to. But this couple was special. Funky, trendy, young. If anyone has a photo booth, it would have to be them. Did I try the photo booth? No, I didn’t. I felt so embarrassed at the idea that I just ended up missing out. When I finally mastered up the courage to try it, it’d gone! So disappointing… And so, once again, I felt that I came across like the friend who doesn’t know how to have fun… Oh, what a horrible thing shyness can be! Good thing I’m growing out of it!

Two years on and everyone seems to have or want a photo booth at their wedding.

It keeps your guests entertained, amused, and it gives them a chance to leave you with some nice, fun memories of themselves. All in all, it’s a much better and funkier idea than leaving film cameras on the tables that you will probably never get to develop.

Having done a quick search on google, however, it seems that some photo booths suppliers charge a rather high sum of money; and, please, note that I’m not saying that it’s not worth what they charge for, but some do offer very little service compared to other photo booths suppliers. Some of them will just mount a very traditional booth for three or four hours, but don’t seem to offer much more outside of that. Others, instead,  in addition to offering the booth for hire, will also throw in the props and gadgets for your guests to dress up and play with, which frankly is the only real point of having a photo booth.

I’ve recently corresponded with Emily from Fishee Designs Photo Booth who has given me a few images to let you sample the type of pictures you could be left with (admittedly, you may end up with one or two dodgy ones taken by the friend who got tipsy a touch too early!).

Just to give you an idea, Fishee Designs Photo Booth  packages start from £250 and include:

♥ Hire of the photo booth equipment

♥ Hire of all the props

♥ Set up and operation for 3 hours

♥ Standard post production editing on all the pictures

♥ CD containing high res images

I think this is a pretty good set up for the investment!


Have you tried a photo booth yourself, or are you thinking of getting one? If you have had some good experiences with any particular vendor, please share the love. And if you fancy sharing with us some crazy images your guests took at your wedding, do send them to us via email at We’d be happy to do a follow-up post with the best images to inspire other couples who are considering hiring a photo booth.

x Betta

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