Finally, after weeks and weeks of deliberation, a first attempt that didn’t go quite as planned, and hours spent looking at blogs to feel inspired, I decided to take the plunge once and for all and do this the right way. Linen and Silk is finally born and I hope, in time, it will become a busy hive!
The idea behind Linen and Silk is to share with you those precious ideas, dreams, trends and experiences that the wedding world offers. I am passionate about weddings and cannot stop talking about them, so instead of boring my poor husband and friends, I thought I’d start my own blog which hopefully will be followed by you – someone who, like me, may simply have a passion for weddings, a bride, or even a groom, looking for thoughts, ideas, tips and inspiration – but above all, something special.

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE is my mantra. If you read this blog, please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment. We appreciate hearing from you and will endevour to answer your questions and feedback as soon as possible.