Back to SchoolIt’s nearly the end of 2011 and sadly for me it signifies one thing: I need to pay my credit card before I have to start paying interest fees! Boring, I know… I am one of the worst credit card customers ever. I pay by CC to earn points, to get cash back on every pound I spend, or even just because I can’t be bothered to pay for something immediately, but I ALWAYS pay back before I incur any interest charges, which the bank absolutely hates. They’ve recently increased my credit allowance to a ridiculous amount of money that I will never borrow, I guess hoping that I’d be tempted one day, but I can guarantee it won’t happen (out of principle, you know…).

1st January 2012 also means another thing: it’s the first day of the year in which I will formally launch my wedding planning business. And I will also be ‘back to school‘ (hence the opening image)! As the design of my new website is finally beginning to take shape, I can see things moving forward and cannot wait to throw myself in the deep end. After training with the UKAWP, I hope to become an associate member and potentially attend the  UKAWP WPE seminar. I’m really looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can, and I also hope to be able to attend as many workshops as possible, including marketing & PR, SEO, photography and floristry, and I’d love to spend a day in a bridal shop to learn as much as possible on all things wedding dresses (fabrics, shapes, types of veils etc.). In fact, if you are a supplier and are planning to run a workshop, or wouldn’t mind having me around for a few hours, please let’s get in touch (!

Anyway, I am officially on holiday until 9th January (yes, I’m a slacker, I know!) and while I’ll be posting one or two things, I wanted to pre-warn you about the fact that there won’t be any happy new year posts from me, and explain why there haven’t been any Christmassy posts either. Unless you know me in person, you must have wondered why there has been no mention, and the answer is rather simple: I don’t celebrate Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween and, as a matter of fact, Valentine’s day too. I am a Christian, but having looked into the origin of these celebrations, I have concluded that for the sake of my relationship with God, I should not follow them, with no exception.

Do I still party, receive or give presents, have a romantic dinner with my husband etc? Yes, I do, but not because it’s Christmas or Valentine’s day. We don’t wait for a specific day. We do all of this whenever we fancy it, for no specific reason other than we love spending time together, we love to give to each other, we enjoy good food and a good drink, and because having a good old laugh is good for the soul.

I love it like this and wouldn’t change it for the world.

So, apart from paying off my credit card, to me 1st January will also be a time to reflect, to look back at the past few months, the lessons I’ve learnt along the way, and what changes or new ventures I want to undertake in 2012. You won’t hear me say ‘happy new year’, but rest assured I hope you all have lots of happiness, good health, success and love every day of the year!

See you in 2012!

x Betta

Image Credit: School Days via Pinterest