Ok, so it’s 21st June and for the past… hmm… 3 weeks (!) it’s been raining. It’s like the rain knows exactly when Wimbledon and the wedding season start! If you are planning for a spring/summer wedding, don’t despair! Wet weddings are certainly not something anyone wants but you can still beat the rain by bringing sunshine into your wedding. A rainbow theme is a stunning alternative to monochrome themes, working really well on a sunny day, but also brightening up your day should you have some rain. To help you stay positive and be in control of your day, we have put together just a few key suggestions:

  • A rainbow theme can potentially make your eyes sore if your underlying colours are too bright. For instance, if your bridesmaids all wear the same dress but in different bold colours, the addition of rainbow-coloured bouquets can potentially appear cluttered to the eyes so try to keep all the other colours as subtle as possible, preferably¬†using pastel monochrome.
  • Think about your venue. The interiors of a medieval castle may be slightly on the dark side, with deep greens, reds or even purples. So decorating your tables with a rainbow theme may be completely out of context. Instead, opt for a more modern venue, with subtle or neutral interiors that allow you to really play with the colours you use to decorate tables, walls and favours.
  • Colourful umbrellas and Wellington boots can give you some stunning pictures that you will look at with a smile on your face in the years to come.
  • Ensure that your photographer knows how to handle a wet wedding day. Ask him to show you a portfolio of pictures taken at a wedding where they had rain. If the pictures look gloomy and sad, or it appears that the light is poor, don’t excuse the photographer! A professional knows how to make the best of the light and the situation, so keep looking and you will find someone who does actually know how to handle a bit of rain.
  • Liaise with your wedding venue to make sure that you have a plan B in place in case you are forced to use interior rooms instead of the garden.
  • Think about how your hair and make up will be affected by a wet day. It may sound strange to some of you, but for those of us blessed with pretty curly hair the humidity in the air can be a real nightmare. So if your hair, like mine, tends to frizz with a bit of humidity, do bear this in mind when choosing your hairstyle. Perhaps a sleek pulled back look may remain composed for longer, while a semi-wavy, hair down look could get out of control. Equally, in the off-chance that you get wet, your make up will need retouching. If your make-up artist doesn’t stay with you for the day, ensure one of your bridesmaids or a trusted friend is at hand with mirror and make up to help you retouch.
As usual, our foremost suggestion is not to over complicate things. A rainbow theme can be a classy and stunning look if executed tastefully.
Enjoy the rain! ūüėČ
xxx Elisabetta
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