I love Elle Magazine. It is by far my favourite magazine. Sometimes, if I’m not in the mood to read, I will just go through its pages feeling the texture, smelling the paper and coveting pretty much everything I see. I keep it by my desk until I get my new copy through the letterbox. I subscribe to Elle and have been collecting each and every copy for three years, and absolutely no one is allowed to take a copy away from my house or bend a corner to mark the page. When I was working in an office and I was bringing it to work, I used to get the odd colleague eyeing it up and trying to ‘borrow’ it from me. God knows where it would have ended up! So I stopped bringing it to work and decided that my Elle reading time was to become a special ME time, a treasured ritual, a “don’t-even-bother-ask-me-to-do-anything-while-i-read-my-Elle, thankyouverymuch” time.

When I went through my October issue of Elle Magazine a couple of days ago, I had a rush of inspiration. It’s been edited by guest editor Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, and she’s dedicated the entire issue to Inspirational Women. And so this is where today’s post has drawn inspiration from. My mother. The epitome of what being Italian is all about. A stylish woman, never trying too hard, but conscious of her appearance. A woman who wouldn’t step out of her house without dressing up, not even to go to the village street market to buy onions. Someone who firmly rejects tackiness, who would only keep a limited amount of knickknacks in her house because she sees the value of ‘when you want something, buy only once and make sure it’s the best you can afford’. A woman who at 60 appreciates modern times and allows my brother, a trendy designer in Milan, to buy her Mandarina Duck bags.

Thinking of her allowed me to put together two moodboards: one to show you a few of the iconic images representing Italy, the other showing you some key wedding elements done ‘the Italian way‘.

The Italian woman is a woman who is conscious of her natural beauty and is not afraid to accentuate her wide hips and narrow waste through her clothes. She dresses smart, accessorises impeccably and will always favour good quality to cheap & ostentatious.

Italian culture is all about richness of flavours, language and gestures; it’s about enjoying small, beautiful things, elegance and sophistication. Family values are strong, traditions are vital.

Italian weddings reflect the same love for details, old customs and tastefulness, while embracing the new modern. Design cities like Milan inject minimalism into wedding styling, stripping down the elaborate and rich appearance of old-school weddings to the fresh, clean lines.

This moodboard is a tribute ELLE.

I know I love this style because it is exactly who I am and reflects my cultural background. What about you? With vintage and shabby chic trends becoming more and more popular, how do you feel about the Stile Italiano, elegant and minimalist at the same time?

I’d love to hear from you so please leave us a comment ūüôā

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‘Stile Italiano’

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